You Can Get A 4K TV With HDR For $1200

You Can Get A 4K TV With HDR For $1200
Image: JB Hi-Fi

With a couple of 4K consoles on the horizon, upgrading to a 4K-capable display is a question worth asking. And if you’re in the market for a TV that can do 4K and HDR at the same time without looking like total garbage, then you’re in luck.

JB has kicked off a massive sale on TVs this week, and including a whole range of out-of-life models and a bunch of slightly newer ones. And one of those is the Sony X7000D series, which does 4K at a comfortable 60Hz (unlike the 50Hz cheaper TVs offer) as well as HDR to boot — for basically $1200.

$1200 for a 55″ TV that does 4K and HDR, while having pretty good latency for an LED/LCD screen, isn’t half bad. You can find the full specs on the Sony website.

It’s not the only TV that’s on special. You can actually get a 4K TV for under $1000 if you like, but it won’t be anywhere near as nice. The LG 49″ 4K TV is available for $958, and while it does HDR it only does 4K at 50hz.

The deal is only available for today, so you’ll have to move quickly if you want to snap it up. So for everyone out there considering a TV upgrade this year: what are you looking for, and how much are you prepared to spend?


  • At least 70 inch, 4K, HDR,
    They’re all I am really worried about so I’d like it for a couple of grand.

  • I just got the Samsung Ku6000 50″ and I’m worried it wont play 4k games, I’m gonna get the pro when it comes out. I’ve read its alright with input lag in 4k but I’m still concerned, every 30 mins the screen flashes blue/grey as well. Probably would have got the sony if it was on sale

  • I got one of these about 2 weeks ago and I friggen love it. I’m using it as my PC monitor as well and have no issues with it.

  • Sticking to my projectors. Too much latency in LCD and 4K just isnt there yet.

    In this case.. size matters and performance.

  • ?, good to know but I’m hanging out till next year when the oled’s come down in price.

  • I’m waiting for somebody to give me one for free. Until then I will stick with paying my kids slave wages to renact movie plots with shadow puppets.

  • I have been looking for a cheapish TVs with 4K and HDR (at low lantency) since the PS4 Pro was announced and the only ones that I have found that have everything I need are the new range (even the new budget ones like X7000D) of Sony TVs. Good on Sony for actually delivering, and with Android TV built in also!

    Also WARNING to anyone buying an LG 4K most of the cheaper ones are RGBW not full RGB!!! This mean that every so often a pixel is a white pixel instead of RGB pixel meaning you get less resolution and strange colourisation.

    • Just be aware that the latency measured in gaming mode will almost certainly increase with HDR turned on. Most gaming modes turn it off by default.

      At the moment the choice of PS4 Pro TVs is dismal. The Samsung KS8000 series is generally agreed to be the best for HDR and 4K Gaming without spending a ridiculous amount.

      If you are looking at picking up a new 4K HDR TV specifically for gaming, you might want to wait until next year.

      • I don’t want to spend much so I will be waiting anyways. I was just surprised to see that Sony where offering everything that I wanted for just over a grand (I am not looking for a massive TV as it will just be for gaming in the study). Sony’s TV latency has historically been pretty good. The KS8000 has a latency of 21.1 ms at 60Hz with HDR and the Sony X7000 has a latency of 32.4 ms at 60Hz with HDR. So not that much difference especially when the Sony is around half the price!

        • You do need to check the nits level of Sony’s HDR (it’s not high so contrast will be comparatively lower) as well as no local dimming. I was going to go for a Sony X80D until I found out that the HDR was piss-poor compared to other brands’ offerings. You are right about quality for price though. Apart from the viewing angle, local dimming and poor nits rating, the X80D reviewed really well for the price.

          • I was looking at the x80D as it comes in a 43″ and that would be a good size for the space I have. Interesting about those other factors. I am going to wait until there is more competition within the 4K HDR space, then pull the trigger.

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