You Can Get A NVIDIA GTX 1080 For $865 On Ebay

You Can Get A NVIDIA GTX 1080 For $865 On Ebay
Image: Ebay
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Remember when the NVIDIA GTX 1080 launched and those absurd prices of $1100 and more came out? Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. If you want the current top of the line graphics card, you don’t have to fork out over a thousand dollars. In fact, it’ll only cost you $865.

The deal was first posted on Ozbargain and it’s still running, so if you’re in the market for a pre-Christmas PC upgrade it’s well worth the look. The card on offer is the Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1080, which happens to be the very exact card in our resident benchmarking machine. (You can see how the card holds up across a range of games and benchmarks here — just scroll directly to the graphs.)

The card is being shipped from Auckland according to the Ebay listing, and it’ll be delivered between the end of October and Friday, November 4. The most important part: shipping is free right now.

Being priced at $865 makes the card the cheapest available GTX 1080 to Australians. PLE Computers are selling Galax and Gainward models for $883 and $889, although the Gainward Phoenix model runs at slightly higher clock speeds than the Gigabyte G1 (1696 MHz/1835 MHz for the GIGABYTE, compared to 1747 MHz/1886 MHz for the Gainward Phoenix). If you want a like-for-like comparison, the cheapest Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1080 from an Australian retailer is $999 from Umart.

If you’re looking to save as much money as possible, the Ebay deal might be worth a look. The freeshippingtech Ebay store has a solid enough reputation. And it’s also a reminder of just how far prices have fallen since those initial Founders Edition boards were released.

Food for thought. For those who have upgraded their PC over the last six months, what parts have you gotten and how has it turned out?


    • There’s that and the fact that Newegg doesn’t show GST until the point of sale, so you’re not immediately seeing the product’s true price from a basic search.

      • They’re shipping from outside Aus. GST’s only applied to imported items with a price over $1,000, so wouldn’t apply. That said, the deal you posted is looking mighty tempting…

  • One thing to watch out for if you’re ordering internationally – only the EVGA warranty is global, so if you order the Gigabyte one and it bricks, you’re forced to go back to the local seller or risk being left with a very expensive paperweight.

    • Exactly this, though it costs a pretty penny to RMA with EVGA. About $50 to Taiwan, their closest RMA centre for Australia.

  • Picked this card up a month or so ago for just a little more than what it is now.

    Can fully experience the lush Hairworks on Geralts manly head.

  • I couple months ago I picked up a 1070 for my older PC (i5 2500k, which I’ve oc’d a bit) and it runs great. 🙂

    • Well, you’re doing something wrong if you want a console equivalent experience by buying something that by raw numbers, outputs in TFLOPS, over 9x that of the Xbox One :p

    • A pleb I am 🙂 I’m happy to have a slightly worse-looking game in exchange for a console being half the price of a graphics card!

  • Oh, as for upgrades! I purchased a $1000 monitor, the Acer XB271HU and it’s perfect in so many ways except… it turns out 27″, is too big for me. So goodbye to the monitor! I really should have checked first with a cheaper 27″.

    • Too big!? you’re weird! 🙂

      For web browsing yeah, you don’t need the whole screen.
      But I find one 27″ running 2560×1440 is too small for heaps of things and the res is much to low – text is fuzzy/pixely. Something like 35″ Ultrawide with 7-8k (wide) res would be about right I think – it would be enough to multitask with 2 or 3 things side by side, or one full screen app with loads of tool bars. 🙂

  • These on the shelves of best buys for the normal retail price of $699, get out of your house you damn cave dwellers

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