You Can Get One Of Australia's Best Games For Bugger All

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Earlier this week, Assault Android Cactus picked up four nominations at the annual Australian Game Developer Awards.

That's generally the sign of something You Should Probably Play. And if that wasn't encouragement enough, then you might like to know that it's currently available for the minuscule price of bugger all.

Witch Beam's top-down shooter is currently available in the second tier of the Humble Gems Bundle. It's one of the more interesting offerings in that the games are being advertised largely by their user rating:

Image: Humble Bundle

I'm not sure I'd put too much stock in anything that said 100% positive reviews, especially after Steam's latest changes to the way user reviews are displayed. The store page for Spaera shows that only 9 people have reviewed the game at all, and out of the 9 reviews three of those were negative.

So you'll want to check the reception for each game individually. Chroma Squad has been on my wishlist for a while, and Technobabylon got some plaudits last year for being a very cool cyberpunk adventure.

But Assault Android Cactus is the champion of this pack, it's Australian. It's also just over $5 after the currency conversion, which is probably a lot less than what you'll pay for lunch or dinner today.


    i picked up the first 3 games for $1 mainly coz i wanted Chroma Squad. im not ashamed.

      I might do that later this afternoon. I've wanted Chroma Squad for a while.

    Assault Android Cactus is hands down, just plain amazing. Even if you only ever get a chance to play it in single player it is completely worth the price of admission even at full price IMO, but get a few friends around and it just shines. At $5 it is a complete steal. I managed to get S+ for every level and I still really like coming back to it for a blast whenever I can.

    Also available on PS4, and has cross-buy for when it eventually drops on Vita to boot! Thought PS4 version is probs full price still.

      Speak it, brother.

      Easily one of the best twin-stick shooters ever made, and one of the best games of 2015. Solo or multiplayer, PS4 or PC, this is just one of the most fun things you can do with a controller in your hand.

    I was so disappointed when this came up as one of the 'vote for games' on PS+ and we got something else instead... I can't even remember what we got instead, must have been awesome... probably Grown Home (Groan Home?).

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