YouTube Blocks Samsung's Takedown Of GTA V Note 7 Bomb Video

YouTube Blocks Samsung's Takedown Of GTA V Note 7 Bomb Video

Yesterday, Samsung filed a copyright claim on a viral video of a Grand Theft Auto V mod that turns the notoriously explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7 into, well, a bomb. The video got taken down, even though it clearly wasn't in violation of any copyrights.

After the video got taken down, the video's creator, who goes by the handle sdaddy345, said he'd filed a counter-claim against Samsung, noting that the video had done great things for his fledgling YouTube channel. It worked.

The video is back up, and sdaddy345 has posted his correspondence with YouTube on the issue to show how it all went down. YouTusaid they'd review the counter claim, and now, one day later, the video's back. Sorry, Samsung. Granted, if you didn't want everybody making fun of you, you probably should have tested your phones to ensure they didn't explode first. Just a thought!


    the funny thing, when are people like Samsung going to realise in trying to block something, they just make the very thing even bigger and more popular.

    youtube has been fair in my personal experience uploading footage

    And yet it took YouTube three weeks to remember to pay Doug Walker.

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