The Last Guardian: 8 Minutes Of Stunning, In-Game Footage

The Last Guardian officially went gold last month and before that, we even had a chance to play the long-awaited title from Team Ico. As the release grows closer, so too will the frequency of media drops from Sony... like, say, this eight-minute gameplay trailer.

Let's start with the bad news, mainly because it's not that bad. The clip, which Google Translate tells me is called "'Flesh-eating eagle of Trico' introduction video", is entirely in Japanese, so if you were hoping for a bit more about the story or characters, you might be disappointed.

For everyone else, we can just sit back and take in The Last Guardian's scrumptious visuals, particularly the animation and attention to detail. It's a gorgeous looking game, to be sure, but what really puts it on another level is how smooth and natural Trico's movements are. Almost cat-like, if I had to suggests a comparison.

But enough talking! Go hit play and enjoy the trailer.

"Flesh-eating eagle of Trico" introduction video [YouTube, via DualShockers]


    Bad news? Shit, I'd much prefer if this was in Japanese entirely with english subs...

    Team ICO have always paid good attention to animation.

    I always marvelled at the animation of Agro, the horse in Shadow of the Colossus. At the time, it was the most realistic horse animation I'd ever seen in a game. The colossi felt like they had weight in the way they moved and swung. I felt sometimes that Ico would pull Yorda's arm out of her socket, when they hurriedly ran, hand in hand.

    I'm expecting an impressive display from our favourite cat-eagle in TLG. I'm also avoiding any video preview of the game, so no stunning 8 minutes for me. I'll settle for some stunning actual gaming in a few weeks time. Hurrah for the third and last game from Team ICO!

    Last edited 27/11/16 3:28 pm

      Just gonna throw this out there that even with all these years go by, its STILL some of the best horse animation

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