A 151-Game Charity Bundle To 'Combat Some Of The Ugliness In Our World'

A Good Bundle is offering 151 games, including indie hits like Gone Home and Proteus, for peanuts. One hundred per cent of the profits will be split between the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Planned Parenthood.

The bundle's stated goal is to "combat some of the ugliness in our world". Which is a badarse goal. It's got multiple pricing tiers. $US2 ($3) will get you 89 games, $US8 ($11) will get you 36 more and $US20 ($27) will get you all 151, including heavier hitters like Catlateral Damage and Gone Home, but probably not Mew.


    Hmm. I had a look through the list to see if it had anything I knew. I only recognised Proteus, Gone Home, Catlateral Damage and Depression Quest. Of those, Gone Home is the only one that might remotely pass as 'okay'.

    Several of the games listed are free in the first place. Several are browser games you can just play anyway without buying the bundle. Some look like they've had maybe five minutes of work put into them, and some aren't even games.

    At least it's 100% for charity, that's something. But to be honest I think I'd rather just donate directly. I'm not sure there's much of value in the bundle and I'm a bit too time-poor to give each of them a try to see if there are any hidden gems. If any of you find good ones in there, let me know.

      Yep, looks like a fresh steaming pile of stuff they pulled out the reject heap. There's games and then there's....this bundle.

      Better off just donating to charity directly.

      Killing Time at Light Speed is well worth a play

        Expand is a solid game too. Both Expand and Killing Time are by local Aus devs.

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