A Final Fantasy XV Audi For $621,000

This is a special Final Fantasy XV Audi R8. It's a real car you can drive, one of a kind, and going on sale in Japan.

Dubbed "The Audi R8 Star of Lucis", this car appeared in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and is a collaboration between the Final Fantasy XV team and the German car maker.

It's now going on sale as part of Final Fantasy XV's launch. 

The car is priced at 50,000,015 yen ($621,421), and since there is only one, Audi Japan is holding a raffle to give out the chance to buy. Interested individuals can enter starting November 21 at 10:00AM in Japan (12:00PM AEDT).


    I'll take two ;)

      I would buy three just in case! You can never be too certain when buying cheap and not overcosted cars, keep one as a reserve.

    I wouldn't think there'd really be a huge crossover between Final Fantasy fanatics and 'people who can casually buy $600'000 cars' but I guess what do I know?

      there are a LOT of stupid reach people in japan who are obsessed with games and anime and they just LOVE collecting things. This kind of incredibly expensive collector's item is fairly common for big releases where they raffle away the chance to buy the item at all. Like the solid gold One Piece statuette.

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