A Look At The Civilizations Of Civilization

A Look At The Civilizations Of Civilization

Most gamers have had some sort of experience with Civilization over the last two decades. But how often have you asked yourself why certain races were earmarked as a playable race, why others were marked for city states, and why others were barbarians?

It’s a 14 minute breakdown from Youtuber KyleKallgrenBHH that starts with the Civilization series and asks a simple question: what is a civilisation?

It seems almost a silly question to ask. Isn’t a civilisation basically a society? But the more the question is explored as the Civ series went on — with city states, for instance — the more fascinating it becomes.

I love these kinds of videos, where gaming becomes a fantastic hook for learning with some very clever crafting and forethought. But it also reminds you of the influences within games that we sometimes forget.

I wonder what a class would be like built around this sort of learning. Kids would probably be fascinated by it. Civilization is getting rebranded for schools, after all.


  • Civ was always one of gaming’s white whales for me. I just can’t wrap my head around it not being an RTS when I sit down to play. I’m repelled by the likes of GTA/etc that drop you in an open world for 100 hours, so I’m equally confused at just how long I’m *expected* to play some Civ.

    I’ve played about ten hours of C5 with the expansions, but still want to get back to it. The tutorials were fine, I guess :p

    This, like about two dozen other games, I want to take a deep dive and watch stuff like this to acclimatise, but geez I’m time-poor these days.

    • The easiest way to get in to Civ is to set aside some time to give it your full attention. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to play it properly, you can try doing what most fans of Civ do: Convince yourself that 4 hours of sleep is fine for a weeknight.

      It might sound ridiculous but it works for me. I feel fi-…*headdesk*

      • The Civ series falls into my category of, “One more tur–howthefuckisitmorningalready” games.
        The type of games that make you rub your eyes after a while and think, “Man, I’m getting tired, I should probably go to bed, I have to be at work in like…” *checks watch* “TWENTY MINUTES.”

        • Yeah my GF is getting sucked into watching me play as well, pointing out extra things, oh your museum is only this close… Oh you’ll have x in 2 more turns. She’s as bad as me hahaha.

    • I always got Civ as I played the very first one as a kid and had someone explain it to me.

      What I’ve found over time though is the game can be quite difficult to try and grasp EVERYTHING in a single playthrough. Take advantage of the lower levels with weak AI etc and try to learn about different aspects of the game through trial and error.

      I also find that if you’re a bit stumped on what to do or how to get ahead, either let’s play videos or even so let’s play diaries with screenshots are the best thing to do. It’s a big big game and there’s always things to explore, but if you’re not having fun with a game or are getting bored with it then start a new one! Maybe raise or lower the difficulty depending on what’s happening.

      And the issue of time is something I’m sure most of us struggle with… Especially when it comes to Civ 😛

      • Playing one of the older Civs where the opening is very, very simple isn’t a bad idea either. There’s fewer options, so there’s less to wrap your head around initially, and most of it is pretty straightforward.

        Might not be the most popular one, but loved the shit out of Alpha Centauri. Civ 4 should also be super cheap these days.

        • What do you mean SMAC isn’t popular? Lies and Slander mate 😉 I tried playing SMAC again though and it was pretty hard trying to get back into it. There’s just something about playing Civ with that whole alternate history hilarity that keeps me coming back for more. And more. And more…….

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