A Mistake In My Neighbour Totoro People Are Now Noticing

My Neighbour Totoro is a wonderful movie. It came out in 1988, but recently, people on Twitter seem to be noticing one thing: The goat's teeth are all wrong.

[Image: Studio Ghibli | Wikia]

You remember the goat, right? (Yes, there is a goat.) Mei is walking around with her corn, and a goat walks up, and Mei is all, "Back off!" If you've forgotten that scene, here is how it unfolds in the film:

[GIF via Ghibli GIFs]

So, what's the problem? As Twitter user Yusai00 points out, the unnatural addition of teeth was done to add dread to the scene.

[Image: randybyers]

Unnatural, because goats have no upper front teeth! The scene should look like this:

The reality is far more terrifying:



    People only noticed this now!?!?!?

      People on social media are only tweeting about it now from what a 5 second search on twitter that brought back 4 results.

    Maybe its a japanese goat

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