A Reminder That There’s A Frozen Synapse Sequel Coming

A Reminder That There’s A Frozen Synapse Sequel Coming

Given that Frozen Synapse was one of the more intelligent strategy games over the past decade, I figured it’s probably worth reminding you all that the sequel is looking pretty good.

British developers Mode 7 have been plugging away at the ambitious follow-up to their top-down, simultaneous almost Matrix-esque spin on Counter-Strike. If you missed the details last time around, Frozen Synapse 2’s single-player will feature procedurally generated open world cities where you can breach any building you like.

But it’s the strategy that we’re here for, and a major factor in that is the units you’ll get to play with. There’s a whole range of new ones that you’ll need to know about; the snipers in particular look real annoying.

Frozen Synapse 2 is due out some time next year. It’ll probably end up on Early Access at some point as well, like Frozen Cortex (originally known as Frozen Endzone) did.


  • Best platform for the first one? I tried and tried but couldn’t crack it. I liked the tutorials, but that’s as far I as got really.

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