Amazon Is Selling Battlefield 1 And Titanfall 2 For Under $55

Image: DICE/EA

If you've been looking for a game where you can shoot a hell of a lot of people and run a few more over for good measure, then Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2 will get you sorted. And if you'd like to not spend a fortune on either game while you're at it, then I have good news.

For whatever reason, Amazon have decided to start selling physical copies of Battlefield 1 for $US35. They'll ship the PS4 and Xbox One to Australia as well, which is always a nice plus.

If you're happy to wait a couple of weeks - and if you're buying a gift to stick under the Christmas tree, you probably are - then you can get either game delivered to your home for $53.25. Selecting AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping, which has an average delivery time of 7-11 business days, bumps the price up to $57.30, although that's starting to get close enough to what you can get from local retailers.

The same deal applies to Titanfall 2 as well. The discounts don't apply to digital codes or the PC version of both games, which is a bummer.

It's not the only game to get a healthy discount recently either. Far Cry Primal is available for $23.11 on Xbox One sans shipping, while PC versopm of The Witcher 3 are available for $33.93. The Xbox One edition is only available for Prime Members, but that's going for $21.41.

Again, note that these prices are with the cheapest shipping option. That means you'll be ordering now and waiting a couple of weeks before they arrive, so don't jump in thinking you'll be able to buy today and start downloading tonight. This is for the patient gamers, or those looking to buy a sweet Christmas gift for someone they know.

Beats spending $69 or more at a local retailer though. (Unless you're playing on PC, in which case you could probably just gift a Steam card with a note saying "go nuts". Steam Christmas deals are always great.)


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