Amazon Japan Creates A Final Fantasy XV Double Take

While opening other people's packages is a huge no-no, these Amazon Japan boxes appear like they have been torn, exposing copies of Final Fantasy XV.

[Image: akiba1234]

They have not, because this is, of course, a PR stunt. But as a PR stunt, it is clever.

According to IT Media, there are only a limited number of these boxes, and Amazon Japan is currently sending them out at random.

I think they look real! At first glance, the boxes look ripped open.

Lately, as Hachima Kikou notes, Amazon Japan has been using specially designed boxes as promotions for the likes of Doraemon and Yo-kai Watch.


    This is glorious. As someone who studied advertising I always appreciate little extras like this.

    Did anyone else notice that the boxes are all "ripped" in exactly the same way?

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