And Now, A Face Pad For PlayStation VR Gaming

We've already seen the VR sanitary covers, but now, here is a VR face pad. This is a very good idea! [Image: Inside Games]

As pointed out on Inside Games, it's called the VR Cushion Mask for PSVR, and it tries to make the headset a bit more comfortable and, well, cushiony.

[Image: Inside Games]

The pad also absorbs sweat and prevents light from creeping into your VR experience.

[Image: Inside Games]

It's one-size-fits-all and goes on sale next month in Japan for 1180 yen ($14). 


    Both Oculus and HTC users have been wanting something like this forever, so it's smart of Sony to offer this right off the bat.

      Sony isn't offering this, it's another [Japanese] company. Given the sheer dominance of playstation over anything else in Japan, it's why they've made it for PSVR.
      There are also other VR sanitary masks for occulus and vive which have been featured here before [link in article], provided by another Japanese company for the hygiene obsessed japanese populace [and I suppose you, too, if you wanted to have some shipped]

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