And The Mini NES Made EB Games' Website Crash Again

And once again people are extremely pissed.

Which is understandable considering this is EB Games' second attempt at running a functional pre-order system for the Mini NES.

EB Games' social media feed is on fire, and I'm getting a real sense of Deja Vu here...

It all started with this:

Then two minutes later it devolved into this:

Facebook is also looking pretty familiar...

Yeah, really not a good look considering this is EB's second go round at this.

We'll update when we hear more.

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    Do so many people really want one of these?

    Anyone want to buy my old actual SNES?

      if you shrink it in the wash and then provide 30 working games with it.....I'll give you a tenner.

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      I've still got my SNES.

      But you know what? If/when they release a classic SNES, I'll still be all over that in a heartbeat.

      I was lucky enough to be able to grab a classic NES AND an extra controller on release day at my local Target, but it was still a pretty crazy time.

        A 24 year old SNES is nice, but a new SNES with HDMI without the bullcrap ebay prices is what I'm wanting.

    Pretty sure they contracted the work to IBM for this one ^_^

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    One of those twitter users has a good point, a lottery is probably the best option here. Bloody crazy!

    So has anyone actually been able to pre-order one of these either yesterday or today, and get through the whole process? It seems it has failed for everybody at this stage :(

      i did through JB, they were telling people in store and over the phone it'd be available monday morning

      I got one from EB yesterday

    Now imagine if game sites and stores actually talked up the other HD console Nintendo has been manufacturing since 2012.

      are you implying the wii u failed because no one talked it up? i imagine no one talked it up because there's nothing to talk up?

        What are we doing here then.

          Buying a remake of a 25 year old console that's more popular than the latest one.

    This is pretty crazy, and a pretty big fail on EB Games' part.

      and nintendos part for not delivering full shipments and for with holding the info on if future shipments are coming until later dates

        Yeah, I'm surprised EB are copping so much flak for this... They're trying to deal with a bad stock situation they've been dealt from Nintendo.

        Edit for addition: I mean, yeah, if they were messing up payments and people were being charged incorrectly or if they were taking unlimited pre-orders and then keeping people waiting forever, then sure that would be something to blame them for. But from what I can tell, they're trying to do this the right way and are being slammed with traffic.

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          and people complained about jb because they didn't advertise but just told people who called/walked in which is why their site didn't crash just sold out.

            I think the moral of the story is that people who can't get what they want just shout at the next closest person and make it their problem. I know that was certainly the case when I worked retail...

              If you're a dishwasher you wash dishes. Retail assistants get PAID to sell stuff and service the transaction. I'm over hearing people complaining about retail roles. Do your jobs or get other work away from people.

                A retail staff member's job is to sell you goods - that can involve giving advice, helping to find stock, or simply operating the till. Doesn't matter what your job is, getting abused is not in the job description (unless you're maybe in some kinky sex worker role but hey). Suggesting that copping abuse is part of someone's job and they should suck it up is just ridiculous.

                Edit: because spelling is hard

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                  If you're good at your job you provide information in a manner that empowers the customer. They don't rage. If you're shit at your job people get shitty at you. Sold vidya games for three years. Never had a prob. True story.
                  Don't suck at things you get paid money for. That means, in retail, it's your role to learn to communicate and adapt to others communication style. People act like other people are effort.

              I'm one of the few I guess that managed to snag one on release day. Lined up outside my local Target an hour before it opened and got one. So no, this isn't about "not getting what I want", because I've already got it. That doesn't mean I can't criticise a situation like this.

        While Nintendo is certainly partly to blame, EB Games really brought this upon themselves by advertising the thing so heavily even though they knew the stock would be extremely limited.

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    daaaaaamn. been trying for 20 mins. i will never get one of these suckers and relive my childhood.

    [Meanwhile at EB Games HQ]

    Staff Member #1: "Er, guys, remember that intern we laughed at for suggestion we try and adopt cloud computing for request load?"

    Others: "Yeah?"

    Staff Member #1: "Doesn't seem so funny now..."

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    No joke, if EB throw in the towel and tried again tomorrow they won't have this problem.

    Mostly because nobody will want to be burned again and will have decided to wait for the stock to arrive first and appear on the shelf.

      Never underestimate the power of FOMO!

        Trust me, at this point I think people are going "F**k it!" and are resorting to RetroPies. still attempt it. sucker for EB punishment!

        Hope you secure a unit then. I got punishment enough from Amazon the other day so I'm letting this go.

    And I'm just sitting here in NZ, wondering if they will release it here..... COME ON EB GAMES NZ!

    Oh hey, a 5th type of error message. "Don't fret!"

    EB... it's too small, and an impersonal font. Where's the large friendly letters?

    Finally got to the point I could confirm and pay, and it comes up telling me my basket is empty *slow clap*

    OK, I give up. Truth be told it wasn't even for me; my brother has a good friend that likes the classics and I was trying to land one for him as everyone else has this thing called a desk job and I work from home.

    My Japanese model arrived just this morning so if you don't mind the language barrier; try and hunt one of those down.

    Heck some of the games are the Disk System versions so they even have the extra sound channels lost in the cartridge versions.

    The only catch is the microphone is non-functional so that might make some games harder.

    Those of you who manage to land one, I hope the games turn out to be just as enjoyable as you remember them.

    And if you are new to these retro games, they maybe hard but a world of fun awaits you all.

    Best of luck everyone!

    Worth noting EB games deleted the facebook post they put up today

    ok serious question: are nintendo going to actually make and release more of these things or is this a genuinely short production run, once they're gone that's it kind of thing?

    cuz most new consoles sell extremely quickly due to artificial scarcity then in a month you're tripping over the things. same here or different? Cuz if same, what's the fuss honestly.

    It was in my cart for 90 minutes. After they tweeted it was sold out it was removed from cart. Waste of fucking time.

    I am pretty sure you can buy a Raspberry Pi retro console setup for snes, nes, megadrive and anything else you can think of for only $120 on ebay. Beats trying to smash your head against this brick wall?

    Clicked Place Order some 44 times or so over the course of the last hour and a half, as far as I know none of them went through. Oh well :P

    It was fun chatting with all the guys and trying to race to the finish. One of us even managed to snag one, lucky bastard.

    I may be missing something here, but why not just pre-order it in a shop? Unless you live in a small town out west, there are lots EBGames around.

      EB has restricted it to online only since there's so few

    This is my 4th crack at it, so probably 8+hrs try all up.
    Today I had it at the place order page, clicked it and spammed refresh, ended up with over $300 worth of authorisations on my CC. But still no order has been confirmed.
    So I dunno what to think.

      They have redirected the DNS entry elsewhere now, AZURE is reporting that the App is no longer available or has moved.
      I use azure for my servers and we have over 30,000 Con Users, with capacity for 100,000 (education sector) there is no way that they upped the capacity to 60k Con Users, AZURE can handle that easily, its not even that expensive for a days worth.
      This has just been mishandled.

        I heard they broke twice what they upped it to.

    Stuff this for a joke.. 'Nintendo Class Mini: NES Sold Out. Thanks for your patience.

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