Battle Royale, The Short Version

Let's face it. The only reason to watch Battle Royale is for the deaths. But if you don't want to waste the time watching the whole movie, this video has got you sorted.

It's just under 14 minutes long, and chronicles every gruesome moment - or all of the moments worth watching, depending on your take - of the Japanese blockbuster. For those who want the quick body count, it's 45, although I won't spoil the final scoreboard.

I remember quite a few people rewatching Battle Royale as a result of the whole Hunger Games franchise. But after seeing several students get knifed or axed in the head, I'm pretty glad I passed up on those parties.


    Is that the chick from Kill Bill?

      Yep. Quentin Tarantino loved Battle Royale, so he probably requested her to be cast in Kill Bill.

    Man, so many memories... the day I got my uncut import copy of the movie on DVD in the early 2000s was awesome... dodgy subs and all.

    It's kinda doing the movie a disservice to suggest the only reason watching it is the deaths, though. Takeshi Kitano is one reason, the (mostly) awesome psychotic performances is another. It's just a great, great film, in my opinion anyways.

    Now the sequel, that's a whole other thing. Watch that one for the kills, the rest of it is pretty meeeeeeeh.

    The film is definitely worth watching in my opinion, but my favourite Kinji Fukasaku film is his 1975 Yakuza classic Graveyard of Honor. It is arguably the greatest gangster film ever made, up there with The Godfather II. Film-making madman Takashi Miike remade it 27 years later & it's an excellent homage worth checking out as well.

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