Battleborn Fans’ Revival Event Helped, But Not Much

Battleborn Fans’ Revival Event Helped, But Not Much

Battleborn Day, the fan-led event aimed at drumming up more players for Gearbox’s troubled hero shooter, managed to drastically increase the number of players in the game over the November 12 weekend, but the numbers were still low and the spike didn’t last.

Chart via Steam Spy, Stats via SteamDB.

The spike in concurrent users during the special event, during which veteran players were on hand to help new players along, looks impressive in chart form, but not so much when you look at the numbers. Between the player push and Gearbox’s own special in-game bonuses, average concurrents spiked from the recent 400 average to as much as 709, but that’s not a lot of players for a team-based co-op and competitive game.

Battleborn Fans’ Revival Event Helped, But Not Much

Browsing the Battleborn Reddit, many players reported having an easier time getting into a game over the weekend across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but it’s back to the sad status quo now that the bonuses are gone.

It might be a good time for 2K to make the experience and reward bonuses implemented for the event the baseline. Or just go free-to-play already.


  • I didn’t even know about the event until after the fact. Gearbox could have done a mailout to all Shift subscribers given they patched in a special title for use during the event. “Battleborn Day Guide” or something I think it was.

    I rather enjoyed the PVE side of Battleborn, but having beat it all Advanced/Hardcore, all thats left for me is Lore grinding, most of which have PVP components that I’m just not interested in.

    I got my money’s worth, theres just nothing for me to come back for unlike a traditional RPG that had characters to develop and spend time with.

    • PVP requirements for an online multiplayer game is a sure-fire way to hard-code in obsolescence into your game. Garbage decision. They should patch that into making more PVE-friendly for solo’ers and folks who pick it up late.

    • Different strokes and all that, I enjoy the game and think it just gets alot of blind hatred because it isn’t overwatch and spoken from someone who has both games, I prefer battleborn to the latter for simple things like interesting characters that aren’t cookie cutter sterotypes. More game modes PVE & PVP although I’m under the impression OW is getting a PVE?

      As a whole I just think BB is a deeper and more rewarding game in general and on that note OW is a lot easier to just jump into, not much of a learning curve at all.

      End of the day just my opinion

      • I’m glad you shared. Having not played either game I can’t speak from experience but I myself am guilty of being really into games that have small followings and not understanding why people just aren’t into it.

  • I logged into the wii version of black ops 1 on the weekend, and it had over 400 concurrents.

    Still my favourite cod.

  • Even if it went F2P it would still struggle for numbers because the game just ain’t that good (unless of course a lot has change since the December – January beta period)

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