Battlefield 1's New Mode Fills The Map With Fog, And It's Chaos

Battlefield 1 has received new game modes in time for the week long Battlefest. The best is Fog of War, a match type that provides a tense experience by keeping things a little more up close and personal.

Longtime fans will appreciate the additions and changes that have come as part of Battlefield 1's latests update. The squad management system was completely overhauled, getting rid of crummy squad leaders. The update also saw the return of hardcore servers, which ramp up the difficulty and makes things a bit more realistic. I thought I'd get sucked into hardcore mode but Fog of War has really grabbed my attention.

The mode adds a deep fog to the battlefield, making it hard to distinguish friend from foe. Trapped and unable to see far, you walk into dozens of terrifying ambushes while also sneaking around to stab enemies in the back. To add difficulty, the game removes aiming reticules and limits you to small arms.

What follows is absolute madness. Old choke points become absolute slaughterhouses, soldiers wander around in confusion only to have their throats cut, and squads rush each other with reckless abandon. The series might be known for massive battles full of vehicles and countless players but Fog of War manages to be one of the most exciting ways to play Battlefield 1.  

There are downsides. The map selection is currently limited to Argonne Forest and only for team deathmatch. Adding fog really changes the game and I'd like to see more options for private servers to customise map playlists and objective types. This is a great step towards more diverse and challenging games modes but it is definitely a first step. Still, if you're looking for a change of pace from massive operations or Sinai Desert snipe-fests, I recommend giving Fog of War a go.

Just try not to unload your clip into a buddy if they run around the corner, OK?


    This is great. Argonne Forest is one of my favourite maps. Especially on operations. But they need to reintroduce the PS Pro mod changes before I play it again.

    I intend to play Battlefront instead, because it's a 4 x xp event and I've almost gotten every since piece of customisation and unlock. Just a small handful of faces to go.

      Still yet to play a match of operations, whats with the no matchmaking for one of bf1's mode centrepieces?

        Yeah, I feel every Battlexf makes some small change to how server browsers or joining works that annoys the hell out of me.

        Take Battlefront, for example, where although it's awesome everyone just clicks one button and they all get matchmade so simply, they also throw together a playlist for each dlc that just gets abandoned when the next DLC comes along. Meaning if you really want to play Death Star with 6 v 6 heroes, you're fresh out of luck buddy, there's no such mode in that playlist. Go back to the 1st dlc which had 4 v 4, but no one plays that anymore.

        But operations is great. It's my favourite part of battlefield; the modes that encourage the use of fronts that push up against an enemy's defense and trying to seek holes in that wall.

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