Code Geass Is Returning In A New Anime

Code Geass Is Returning In A New Anime

If you were watching anime in 2006, you would have at the very least heard of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. The mech/school/magic/political anime was a phenomenon that engulfed us all. Memes were created and conspiracy theories ran rampant. It ended its two seasons on a fairly conclusive note and, sadly, most additional material since released dealt with alternate universes and characters. Now, 10 years on, it’s finally getting a direct sequel.

The new anime was announced today at a special event celebrating the series’ 10th anniversary. According to Otakomu, director Gorō Taniguchi has stated that Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection will be a sequel, taking place a few years after the events of the series finale. It is currently unclear whether the new anime will be a series or a film, but what is clear is that it will be set in the same universe as the original series and Lelouch, the protagonist of series, will be the hero. There will also be three films summarising the series released in January 2017.


In the Code Geass series finale, Lelouch put a plan called the Zero Requiem into effect, which brought about world peace and resulted in his apparent death at the hands of his best friend, Suzaku. At the time that it aired, many fans put forward theories regarding alternate takes of this ending. One of the most popular theories centred upon the last scene of the anime. In it CC, one of the main characters, rides on a hay cart driven by someone wearing a large hat. She appears to talk to herself, but addresses Lelouch directly in her last line. The theory was that the cart driver actually was Lelouch, who had somehow survived. No doubt adherents of the cart driver theory are feeling particularly vindicated right now.


  • It always seemed like a very plausible theory to me. I just didn’t /like/ it much because it was a bit cheap that Lelouch found a way out of what was a very mature and intelligent way of paying the price for peace. Then again, that’s kind of what he did all the time.

    • I agree. If he goes in the public eye again it’s entirely for naught. Makes zero sense for him to be a protagonist again regardless if he was alive or not.

    • Yeah, I always felt that it was obvious, but I didn’t want to believe it because I felt like it cheapened and undermined the whole point of the ending.

      • I always thought he had become immortal in a similar way as C2 became immortal, though that was never fully explained. Perhaps you needed to die in a certain way, maybe not abusing your power or something, in order to become immortal. I have no idea but this new series may shed some light on that. That being said, without a character like Lelouch as the main character, I’m not sure it will be very good. Lelouch MADE Code Geass.

        • As eslin said in a comment below, Lelouch took the code from Charles when he was being erased in the thought elevator. Lelouch will still have his Geass since he did not take C2’s code since she was the one to give him the Geass. So Lelouch is immortal and will have his Geass but if he takes C2’s code he will then lose his Geass but will still be immortal, so in season 3 I don’t see lelouch killing C2 in any way possible since he has both a “code” and a “geass”.

  • Reminder for those who are going to complain that he died:
    A Code makes someone immortal (C.C. had it as did V.V. until Charles killed him)
    You can only die if you have a code if someone with a fully powered Geass takes it and kills you (Geass symbol permanently in both eyes).
    The Code activates and replaces the Geass, meaning they lose their power but become immortal, when the person with the code dies (as seen with C.C. in the church, having killed the person who gave her her Geass. Also happens with Charles, shoots himself in the chest and then becomes immortal thanks to the code activating).

    Charles had the Code, Lelouch’s Geass fully activated a few seconds before he killed Charles, Charles was touching Lelouch when he died. Code gets passed on, Lelouch gets stabbed, code activates and now he’s immortal.

    • However, since not a different case had been shown (until Charles’s death) it is unclear whether the loss of the Geass is caused by becoming immortal or by the death of the contract-giver. He might still have his power if the latter is true.

  • Im not sure if im ecstatic about this news or annoyed.

    Code Geass was one of the last great Anime i fell in love with. The ending was both epic as in how it handled the conclusion and how emotional it was – it was a rollercoaster ride worth every minute of viewing.

    This kind of diminishes the ending but.. more Geass?? Heck yes! Will have a lot to live up too.

  • The cart drivers face was a completely different shape he wasn’t the cart driver because dead people can’t drive carts.

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