Community Review: Watch Dogs 2

While most of the buzz has been about Pokemon Sun & Moon over the last few days, it wasn't the only major game to get a release last week.

Watch Dogs 2 came out and, by all accounts, it's a good improvement from the original.

Once you get past the dated, slightly try-hard lingo, Kirk found that Ubi's tale of cocky hacker Marcus was actually fairly enjoyable. It probably helps that the sequel deliberately tries to take a light-hearted approach, given how much stick the original copped for not doing so and then subsequently having nothing to say about a world of big data, government overreach and internet surveillance.

Also, Aiden Pearce was a dick.

But the original was mechanically sound, as most Ubisoft open world adventures are. And Watch Dogs 2 is no different, although the addition of a remote-controlled drone and car now effectively gives you three characters to mess around with in one. The enemy AI could be a little more advanced, but the inclusion of co-op is good fun.

It's a shame the seamless modes aren't quite working yet, although hopefully those get patched in soon. But what do you think of Watch Dogs 2? Have you been playing? Or have you been waiting for a decent discount - like perhaps the one at Target this week?


    I think I've said this before in other comment sections, but it really feels like they've taken the "Saints Row 2" approach, where Saints Row was a step by step GTA clone, SR2 went more silly and OTT, and was a hell of a lot more enjoyable for it, though now (for me) they've gone way too far down that path into the utterly ridiculous, so here's hoping WD doesn't go that way.

    (all of the above is only my perception of the game after having watched trailers/reviews, haven't played the game as yet)

      I think with Saints Row they realised that they just didn’t have the skill or resources to continue making games there were anything like GTA and just went all-out of the silliness. They could build an open world to GTA III-era standards but they couldn’t make worlds to the detail of IV and V.

      It’s not feasible for anyone on a less-than-Ubisoft budget to build a realistic open world and even they can only do it because they share assets, engine and mechanics across multiple open-world franchises…. And even then their games are glitchy, unpolished and outright broken more than half the time.

      How can you make a Saints Row game in 2016 that’s urban themed and does seem second-rate next to GTA V/Online?

    Bought it last week. I'm loving the fact that I am spending more time being a pest doing stupid stuff for lulz (did I use that term correctly) than actual missions with serious consequences so far. I have also almost completely given up on stealth. Scope out the missions with my drone and RC jumper then I just cause complete chaos. Partially because I'm an impatient person and not good at stealth.

    Not willing to waste money on another watchdogs game. The last one was just so terrible.

      I never played the first because I read all the reviews stating it was so-so. I picked this up after listening to some initial feedback from the guys on PS I Love You (they're gaming preferences align with my own), and honestly it's really good.

      Although I'm now in my 30's, I can still really enjoy the "millennial" characters in this game, despite how over the top they can be. It's like GTA, but at the same time very different. I picked it up from EB games with the knowledge that I could return it if I didn't like it, and it's definitely not going back. I've only played about 2 or 3 hours so far, just messing around with the world and RC vehicles. Give it a try, I think you'll be surprised.

    Picked it up a few days ago as a reward for finishing my advanced diploma of games design... Well a few days early "pre-ward" really, just finishing up the last bits of work lol.

    Anyway I've spent hours in this game now, damn it's fun and the story is engaging and I'm enjoying the characters. Missed the first game, which I was still interested in even though people said it fell short of what it could've been, and I'm so glad I picked up the second. Gives me some of the enjoyment of GTA (hooning around an open world in cool cars) but I actually give a shit about the story. I'm not that interested in being a hardcore gangster, but being a troublemaking hacker? Yes please!

    Just got myself the aerial drone and it's yet another fun toy to mess with!

    Really keen to play this one. Loved the original, kept me going for ages, and seeing all the additions and improvements Ubi have made to WD2, I think I'll be spending a lot more time with this one. Just have to wait now to get home from my holiday and then wait for EB to get my PS4 Pro, then I can finally play it.

    it's ok, graphically it's good, no issues there. Controls are fine, the driving mechanics are a bit off, breaking is way too quick. My main issues so far are the actual missions, too easy to get seen and too easy to just call the cops or a gang in and have them wipe out the enemy.

    Like someone mentioned above, i'm having more fun just playing with the mechanics, seeing how much devastation you can cause by changing the traffic lights etc or calling a gang it to take out a cop etc.

    But all in all though, i cant help comparing it to GTAV. In which case it doesn't stand up. The little things just aren't as good. NPC reactions to things i do, driving mechanics (wheel spins don't eventually blow out the tyres? jeepers), a general lack of things to do etc.

    It's fun for awhile, haven't tried the multiplayer though yet.

    Incredibly fun, but I've been hitting an issue where the game will just completely crash within minutes on my PS4 Pro. I've tried various workarounds with little success. If I make it past about 3-4 minutes into gameplay, then I'm good for hours. Just incredibly frustrating that it will crash 4-10 times before it works fine.

    Other than that, it is a massive improvement on the first one. Mechanically great, the drone and jumper are fun, looks very pretty. Story is genuinely funny so far, while still taking on serious issues. Well worth the money.

      Have you tried re-installing the game? My first PS4 Pro was super, super loud with the fan when playing Watch Dogs 2 - so bad that I had to return it as I could barely hear the game over the sound of the fan. Sony's suggestion was to re-install the game, which did nothing obviously, but for an issue like yours I'd say it probably would help. Or at least you could try rebuild the database first before re-installing?

    Also, one of the missions features Turbo Lover.
    11/10 would listen again.

    Aside from my other replies, I'm loving this game. It's scratching the itch of my love for open world games with lots to do, and introducing the RC vehicles really opens up the multiple ways you can complete a mission. Never played the first, based on the reviews, but heard good stuff about this one and I'm really glad I picked it up. It's a very bright and colourful game as well, which I think goes a long way in making it more fun and alive than GTA V. While I love GTA V, the Los Santos settings has a natural dullness of LA compared to the bay area of San Fran.

    At first the whole hacking idea seemed overwhelleming, with lots to remember, but it's now second nature. I haven't gotten too far into the game, but little things like being able to hack into those cherry-picker vehicles to get to higher points, the rc drone, or being able "hack" cars to move them in any direction is so much fun.

    8.5/10 for me

    Came here to say - will be getting this in the next few months - still finishing the first one which is honestly really good.

    I know reviewers are down on Aidan Pearce but good on a game for making you feel sleazy for dealing in so much death and destruction, I worry that by giving their character a sunny disposition they'll lose the gritty quality that the first has

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