Craftsmen Forge Genji's Glowing Sword From Overwatch

Overwatch's Genji is the annoying buzz in your ear when you know a fly is in the room and can't damn find it. But you have to admit — his weapon design is awesome.

Man At Arms

In a video posted today, weapon craftsmen Man At Arms hand-made Genji's glowing, green katana sword and shuriken. They're the same guys who replicated weapons from Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Kingdom Hearts. Now, it's Overwatch's turn. Fans repeatedly asked the team to make the cyborg ninja's weapon set and they abided.

Basically, they said, Genji is a modern-day Robocop. So a combination of traditional Mantestsu katana construction methods and modern forging techniques would be fitting. The real-life Dragonblade is made of steel, but its green glow comes from a light inside some plexiglass. Check out their extremely involved, don't-try-this-at-home how-to:

At the end of the video, they slash several fruits and liquid receptacles of various densities with the sword, as one does.


    Those dudes do not use the blade correctly. They treat it as a baseball bat. So sad...

    The blade itself looks fine, although the short hilt makes it look unbalanced. Quite a faithful replica!

    Last edited 29/11/16 3:00 pm

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