Crash Bandicoot Has An Australian Accent In Netflix's New Skylanders Show 

Former Sony mascot Crash Bandicoot hasn't spoken much, if at all, in the video games he's been in over the last two decades. He's talking plenty in the new Skylanders Academy cartoon that premiered on Neftlix last week. Above is a clip uploaded by YouTube user ARD that will allow you to hear Crash as you've possibly never imagined you'd hear him. He's Australian!

Of course, for some of us, Crash Bandicoot already a voice, one he used in the '90s to trash-talk Nintendo. He didn't sound Australian then.


    You mean he speaks with a horrible American approximation of what they think an Australian accent sounds like?

    Once again: Yanks get a yank to do an Aussie accent & they butcher it utterly.

    For the love of god America - if you want an Australian in your show, cast a f***ing Australian. There's got to be at least one working over there who's available. Just please stop casting British or American actors and telling them to do an Australian accent. It never, EVER sounds convincing.

    "Oiyee yeah maetes. U'mmm Orrrstralieeen alriight."

    What? They couldn't find an actual Aussie voice actor for this?

    ergghhhhkkkkkkkk, like nails on a chalkboard, that accent....

    How could Crash Bandicoot speak with an Australian accent on Skylanders Academy? He speaks with an American accent goddam it! Be a goddam Australian and get a life!

    Yikes I couldn't watch past 6 seconds. That's pretty awful.

    How many Aussie actors are there looking work? Is it that hard to find one, instead of having some random American dude who has no idea what an Australian accent sounds like do it? Gross...

    So another Australian character being played by a yank voice actor who's only dose of aussie culture is from Crocodile Dundee.

    The accents they try to me always sound more South African than Australian.

    I think if he had an actual Aussie accent the Yanks would get confused. So you get the tru-blu, dinky-di, that-ain't-a-knife version instead.

    Crash bandicoot was much more lovable when he knew to shut the hell up. There's goid reason why Crash never spoke in the PS1 games, because Naughty Dog knew he'd just be annoying if he rambling all the time.

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