DC Legends Is Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes With A Story

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a free-to-play RPG in which players build a team of characters from throughout Star Wars history and take them through a series of progressively difficult turn-based battles. Replace "Star Wars" with "DC Comics" in that description and you've got DC Legends.

When I previewed DC Legends back in July of last year, it wasn't quite the same thing as Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Battles were more dynamic, collecting new characters was more straightforward and the narrative was presented differently. Now that the game is finally available in Australia on iOS and Android, it's obvious WB Games took some cues from EA's popular Star Wars character collection RPG.

With Ron Perlman as Green Arrow?

Characters are collected via shards rather than full-on unlocks, so purchasing a pack from the extensive in-game store is more likely to grant you progress towards unlocking or upgrading a character rather than he character itself.

So many things to buy.

They have done away with the original card-based item unlocking system in favour of a more generic gathering of items and elements. Experience points must be applied to characters between battles instead of being earned outright. Skills are upgraded manually using resources. Each character has six equipment slots that must be filled to progress to the next equipment tier. It's very Galaxy of Heroes.

The battles look like Galaxy of Heroes battles. Skill icons, originally laid out along the bottom of the screen, have been pushed into the lower right hand corner, where they are in its Star Wars counterpart.

From special events that grant specific resources to the PVP battles and ranking system, it really is uncanny how much this new game resembles EA's successful game. The main difference is that while Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is presented without narrative - it's supposed to be a game that Star Wars characters play in a cantina - DC Legends features a storyline in the same vein as the now-defunct Avengers Alliance games.

It's about Black Lanterns and shadowy copies of established characters. The Manhunters (an ancient race of arseholes) are somehow involved. Corny dialogue is bandied about as players slowly uncover the mystery.


Otherwise it's all very derivative. That said, it's derivative of a game I played obsessively for months, so maybe that's not a bad thing.

DC Legends is now available as a free download for iOS and Android.


    DC Legends is why Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 has been canned. useless DC shit. bring back Alliance.

      Uh, no. The two games have nothing to do with one another. One's Marvel/Disney the other's DC/Warner.

      I played MAA2 and I don't get your reasoning. You'll have to explain how this DC game got MAA and MAA2 canned. I really look forward to seeing how you manage that.

    When I first played DC legends, was very slow and bland, but since the updates its not 1/2 bad now. The new way is similar to Future fight, you can unlock everything spending no money just sink some time into the game. Both games have an 'Auto Play' feature which follows pre-defineded rules.

    I was an averd MAA player too, played it for years, they are 2 completely different games.

    (Im level 25 and only start playing again a few days ago)

    Last edited 09/11/16 9:45 am

    So would you recommend the star wars version or the DC version

    I tried this game for a few hours.

    I burned out pretty fast from SW GOH so i won't be playing this further who want similar gameplay, this one doesn't seem too bad =)

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