Dear Nintendo, Please Actually Make This Mini-SNES/Super Famicom 

Love, everyone.

I like the idea of the Mini-NES! But not the idea of playing many of its games. Load up something like this with Link to the Past, Super Mario World, F-Zero and maybe Street Fighter II and/or Super Star Wars, though, and oh boy.

Especially since this box is for the timeless JP/PAL version of the console, a classic design statement Nintendo has had no trouble riffing on before. Were such a product to ever come to the market, of course the American box (and console design itself) would be more...purple.

These mock-ups for a beautiful and fantastical future were done by artist Dan Clarke. You can see more of Dan's work here.


    A SNES-mini would be great! So many good games and then there's the Super Game Boy as well.

    If it ever becomes a thing, I'd love to see a cartridge doing something like take GB/GBA carts. It always had a satisfying thunk.


    But I don't think Nintendo will ambush the release of the Switch with a mini SNES release in the near future. Hopefully I'm wrong!

    Would love see a mini SNES. This mock up is pretty boring though. He may as well just photoshop the word "mini" onto a famicom box.

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    No. sorry but no. Given how badly Nintendo has screwed up the release, second release and third release of the Mini NES, I don't want to see them do this to another console.

      Isn't this 'why we can't have nice things' though?

      If anything, the sorts of games that are going to go on this for maximum effect (ie, some from third parties) are going to be easier to procure for Nintendo (licensing, etc) and, you'd think, production too.

    This won't just break EB's website, it'll kill the entire internet. I'm sure Nintendo already have prototypes up and running as we speak.

      it'll kill the entire internet

        I should have known better than to click on a link I don't trust. Internet is still alive but my eyes are now broken. Haha

    Easier just to buy a Raspberry PI and install RetroPie ( to play games from NES/SNES/SEGA/PS/MAME... etc. Even supports wireless (xbox) controllers if you get the drivers.

      I agree.
      You only have to put just a little bit more effort into having a device which is infinitely more flexible than these fixed little nostalgia boxes [and for a lower price].

      You don't have to wait for things to come to you, guys! Get out there and create what you want!

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        Many gamers, including myself, would rather play legit copies of the games instead of illegal roms.

          I absolutely support paying for developers time and effort, and am not in support of piracy.
          It's nice and all to play your 30 nes games of various quality, but it's hard to purchase games which are no longer for sale.

      Couldn't agree more with this. I own the physical copy to a heap of old console games. But without an expensive converter to scale it properly on my TV or an old tube/crt TV, they are nigh on impossible to play now.
      The Retropie just makes it all the more easier, without me having to hook up my Amiga, Atari, C64, NES, SNES, N64, PS1, Sega etc...(I have a few machines)
      Not to mention it's inexpensive compared to the mini NES systems I'm seeing on Ebay going for $250 to $350. That's just crazy! Plus it's a locked in system with about 30 games, so I can't add others I own to it.

    Imagine the sh*t storm if this ever goes on sale. EB's website would just cease to exist after it is trampled by all that traffic.

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