Dishonored 2 Master Makes Chaos Run Worth The High Body Count

You might remember StealthGamerBR from his murderous tributes to the first Dishonored. The Brazilian YouTuber is well known for videos showing off his ability to manipulate time and space to delivery maximum carnage throughout the streets of Dunwall.

Now he's returned with his first video of Dishonored 2. Rather than rampaging through the sun bathed city of Karnaca blindly, StealthGamerBR has chosen his targets and their demise with infinite care:

Playing as Emily, he blinks in and out of cover, dismembering unsuspecting guards and manipulating others into killing one another. But the trail of blood he leaves in his wake only tells part of the story.

If you've been playing Dishonored 2 on PC, you've probably run into a fair share of problems. Bethesda released an initial patch for that version of the game, which came out a week ago, last Thursday. And as Kirk Hamilton noted, while the 1.1 beta patch certainly brings with it a number of improvements, it's not quite the one players have been waiting for.

StealthGamerBR has been stuck in a similar boat, according to a comment he left on his video explaining his current frustrations with Dishonored 2 on PC.

"I still can not make Dishonored 2 videos because the game was broken for PC, this video was recorded with the graphics almost all on the medium/low and it was only with 30fps, and I'm running the game with a GTX 1080, Volound, Clockner And other friends are also having the same problem," he said.

According to the video above, at least, it doesn't seem to have hampered StealthGamerBR's murder sprees too much.


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