Don’t Sweat Tyranny’s Daily Rewards

Don’t Sweat Tyranny’s Daily Rewards

Tyranny is an RPG that hearkens back to the good old days of games like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape Torment. It’s weird, then, to see it offering mobile-game-like daily rewards for regular play.

Turns out, Obsidian and Paradox are offering “daily rewards” if you play while logged into a Paradox account for consecutive days. These are the things you’ll be randomly earning (via PC Gamer):

  • Healing Potion (Fine) – 50 per cent HP
  • Healing Potion (Superior) – 100 per cent HP
  • Potion of Revival – brings a fallen party member back from KO
  • Cairn’s Leaf – +4 Armour, +20 per cent Endurance defence
  • Oldwater – +10 Arcane Armour, +20 per cent Magic defence
  • Potion of Elemental Barrier – +10 Shock/Fire/Frost Armour, +50 Defence vs Paralysed/Burning/Frozen
  • Dire Remedy – 120-pt Stasis Shield, +4 per cent Max Health
  • Potion of Heroes – +2 to all Attributes
  • Scarlet Poison – Poisons enemies on Crit
  • Fatiguing Toxin – Weakens enemies on Crit
  • Potion of Invisibility
  • Skycap – +10 Lore, +10 Magic Skills, +4 Wits

Some people are getting up in arms about this, saying it’s only a matter of time before Paradox starts adding microtransactions and other distracting, irritating elements to this distinctly old-school game. I doubt it, though. Paradox accounts are free, and Tyranny already costs $US45 ($60). Also, Paradox has offered people rewards for sign-ups with games like Cities Skylines, too. Despite that, they have yet to transform into a maniacally cynical mobile game publisher. SHOCKING, I KNOW.

I think it’s more likely that they just want to incentivise people to sign up for Paradox accounts. After all, if people are in Paradox’s ecosystem, there’s a higher likelihood they will buy other Paradox games directly from the source. Without Steam taking a cut of sales, Paradox makes more money.

The thing that actually gets me about this, is, well, I’m not sure how successful this scheme will be. I’m about eight hours into Tyranny, and while some of the above items are useful, I don’t care enough to sign-up. Some people think they’re seeing smoke right now, and they believe a fire’s right around the corner. All I see, though, is a half-baked idea. But it’s totally free and optional, so no harm, no foul, I guess?


  • Interesting that they are doing it, but I’d see this as a random bonus rather than a necessity for the game. If you’re an old school player you won’t buy anything to help you anyway, you’ll want to play through the game for a “pure”experience. Xenoblade X did something similar, though it wasn’t signing up for an account, and that worked really well – there’s no purchasable stuff for that game. It could probably be argued that it might have if the Wii U lasted longer, but that’s another story.

    On a side note, are comment notifications coming back at all? Used to go back to older comments all the time, can’t even remember what ones I commented on now haha >.

    • Apparently the notifications are in the works. Keep checking your profile page, I guess? Even that didn’t exist a week or two ago.

  • This type of scheme is one of the things that bothers me about mobile games and MMOs. It creates a pressure to log in on a regular basis (which is the entire point), which ends up becoming a responsibility and then a chore, otherwise you’re keenly aware of what you’re missing out on by playing and enjoying the game on your own schedule, as you feel like.

    As a result, it adds a constant element of dissatisfaction to what would otherwise be enjoyable games.

    It really is an excellent way to kill my enthusiasm for a game.

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