EB Games Explains Why The Nintendo Mini NES Broke Its Website

Trying to buy the Nintendo Classic Mini NES from EB Games this week has, to put it mildly, a nightmare. And earlier this afternoon, EB Games published a statement outlining precisely why.

After their website crashed on Monday, EB announced they were increasing server capacity to handle up to 60,000 requests at once. They thought, at the time, that would be sufficient to handle the excessive demand for Nintendo’s mini console.

Plainly, it wasn’t. And in a statement published on Twitter, EB explained that they had over 7.5 million page views yesterday – a day when they would ordinarily have around 500,000.

The full statement is reprinted below:

Despite juciing up our servers, our website just couldn’t cope with the record traffic of tens of thousands of enthusiastic gamers. We were running 45 servers, each with 32 CPUs, for atotal of 1440 CPUs handling the website.

On a normal Teusday, we have about 500,000 page views. Yesterday we hit over 7,500,000.

Thank you for proving like us that you love the 80’s, unfortunately Nintendo is unable to supply additional stock this year. We pride ourselves on responding to all our customers as quickly as we can. Right now, we have over 40,000 comments and messages so we may take a little while to respond.

This does not meet our usual high standard, however the demand for the Mini NES has been unprecedented.

On the bright side, I hear Target and Big W might have some more stock of the Mini NES for December. Failing that, there’s always Ebay.

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