EB Games Is Selling A Bunch Of PC Games For $1 And $4

Do you like video games? Do you like PC video games?

Do like spending very little money when buying video games?

This new EB Games sale might be for you.

EB Games is running some serious discounts on PC games. Like there are games that are good selling for $4.

Far Cry 3 is $4 The Wolf Among Us is $4 Assassin’s Creed: Birth of a New World is $4 Dead Rising 3 is $4 The Banner Saga is $4 XCOM: Enemy Unknown is $4 Saints Row 4 is $4 Splinter Cell: Blacklist is $4 Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition is $4 Metro: Last Light is $4 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is $4

So yeah, it's a pretty spectacular sale actually. Worth noting that most of them are online deals, but a few are in-store only.

There are hundreds of games on offer and sifting through them can be a bit of a chore - thankfully, our friends at Lifehacker have compiled links to the very best deals, including PC mice and headsets. Check it out here!


    Hey Mark, do you know if you have to purchase these online only or could I just walk into my local store and find them at these prices?

      Most of the good ones are in-store only.

      Ima finally pick up wasteland 2. Might grab usf4, too.

        Cheers cubits, I appreciate the quick reply.

        I'm thinking about getting Dead Island: Riptide (I'm fairly sure that's a standalone game right, not DLC?), NBA 2K14 and Assassin's Creed: Birth of a New World

          It's a standalone game



        Go suck a lemon, @angorafish. PC Blood Dragon is rad, comes with soundtrack CD and a poster iirc. Totally worth the $9 or something I paid, let alone 4.

    Shiiiit - most of these are unavailable where I am - furious.

    Thinking of picking up 2 of the Spartan PC controllers for $4 each - would anyone suggest i don't?
    They look a bit.. rubbish - but they should work pretty ok for most arcade-style games, yeah?

      Don't get the Spartan Pc controllers they are really shit, had one myself. The button placement is in backwards and you can't change the buttons.So you'll be stuck with X on Y.

      They are terrible.
      Google reviews they are clunky at best and no windows 10 support.

    Got mirror's edge catalyst collector's edition for $69, best deal ever.

    God damn it, I just got undressed...

    Meh, I suppose EB won't mind.

    I'd suggest everyone call ahead.

    Went to two different EB stores at lunchtime, they had none of these. There were one or two $10 bargain bin games on PC reduced to $4 in the first store, none in the second. Nothing for consoles in either.

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