EB Games Is Selling The Steam Controller And Steam Link

We knew local stock of Valve's Steam Controller and Steam Link was incoming, though if you were expecting some fanfare about their availability, you're going to be disappointed. EB Games has quietly put the devices up for sale, though the pricing leaves a lot to be desired.

Each gadget is priced at $89.95, delivery not included. It doesn't matter if you get them together or separately, postage should be around $8.

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The sad, though I suppose unsurprising, thing is that it's still much cheaper to buy both the controller and Link from Amazon. Even when you factor in shipping, they individually come to around $58 Australian (with the Link's more expensive postage bringing the price up).

To be fair, there's no stock for the $US19.99 Link, so if you were to try and get it now, it'd be closer to EB's price.

Of course, the biggest benefit of being able to purchase locally is that you don't have to wait. But if you can be even mildly patient...

Steam Controller and Steam Link [EB Games, thanks Stuart P]


    Less than half price on Amazon even with delivery.

      Aussie retailers really do treat customers like idiots. Just going to hurt them all the more when Amazon launch here too.

      I bought one earlier this week from Amazon WITH the official Steam Controller Carrying Case for a total of around $55 AUD shipped.

    How does the free $20 steam card effect the pricing though?

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