Endless Space 2's Communists Have A 5000-Year Plan

Endless Space 2 is a promising 4x game that's still in Early Access. I played it a few months ago and liked what I saw, and I'll be dipping back in soon now that the game has its first major update.

A new faction, The United Empire, has been added, and I liked this trailer so much I figured I'd toss it up here.

I don't care how evil they are, if strategy game devs are gonna keep giving the bad guys the best uniforms and the coolest ships, then I'm gonna keep playing as them, pretending they're not really the bad guys and justifying to myself that hey maybe they just mean well and went through a rough patch and the important thing is...

Ahem. Anyway, the update also introduces some more minor factions, a larger tech tree and, most importantly overall, a big jump in the turn cap, increasing the amount of time you can play from 100 turns to 200.


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