Fans Are Keeping A Mechwarrior Mod Alive

Fans Are Keeping A Mechwarrior Mod Alive

Original development and support for MechWarrior: Living Legends, a 2009 Mod of the Year award winner, ended in 2013. If you still want to play the lumbering shooter today though you can, thanks to a persevering group of fans who are keeping it alive.

And I don’t just mean because the servers are working. As RPS report, the multiplayer-only shooter (a mod for Crysis Wars) now has a new “Community Edition”, which fixes a lot of lingering bugs and issues present with the final official release. What’s more, the new team now working on the game are also promising “new toys” and “further refining gameplay” in future updates.

Fans following on from the work of fans, then.

This may seem like a lot of work to go through for a mod, but this was no ordinary project; in addition to picking up multiple Mod of the Year awards, it also received official blessing from Microsoft to use the Mechwarrior licence, and the original devs also got help from Crytek themselves on the mod’s engine.

You can grab the mod’s files here.


  • Still waiting for a proper Mechwarrior single player campaign. The recent multi-player iterations were not my cup of tea.

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