Firewatch Update Adds Free Roam Mode, PS4 Pro Support For 1080p And 4K

Firewatch Update Adds Free Roam Mode, PS4 Pro Support For 1080p And 4K

Campo Santo’s acclaimed Firewatch may have had its day in the sun, but it looks like the developer has been tinkering on the title in preparation for the PS4 Pro. In addition to “enhanced detail” on Sony’s console, the game now has a “free roam” mode available for all platforms.

Let’s start with the free roam mode, which should be out now for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. You’ll need to complete the game in order to unlock it, after which you can explore the world of Firewatch, sans narrative:

If you, like so many others, have finished Firewatch and yearn to return to the Shoshone, then today is your lucky day. Firewatch’s free-roam mode gives you an objective-free game world to explore, dynamic 24-hour time of day and miles of trails to hike.

As for PS4 Pro owners, the game has been tweaked for 1080p and 4K screens.

By the sounds of things, the beefier hardware has allowed Campo Santo to turn up a few internal quality dials:

Standard PS4 Customers: no change

PS4 Pro Customers with a 1080p Display: enhanced detail distance, smoother loads, and much higher quality shadows

PS Pro Customers with a 4K Display: the world is now rendered at WQHD (2560x1440p) and the UI renders at 4KUHD (3840×2160) and you will have enhanced level of detail of a standard PS4

Free-Roam Mode Comes to Firewatch! [Campo Santo]


  • I really hope they incorporate some kind of photo mode with the free-roam mode. Did they every get around to adding the photo print feature to PS4? I thought that was kinda neat.

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