Free From Konami, Hideo Kojima Finally Gets His Game Award

Image: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Last year, as you might recall, Konami and their son Hideo Kojima got into a spat. Konami barred Kojima from attending The Game Awards to collect an honour he received for Metal Gear Solid V; host Geoff Keighley went HAM. It was a whole thing.

This year, Kojima will finally get his award:

You're free now, Kojima. Free to win awards and start airing teaser trailers for Death Stranding every six months until its release in 2024.


    I think by this stage we all know Kojima deserves it!
    Hopefully not too much commotion is caused from this point forward, We need Kojima to focus on his work! and his frequent lego pics on Twitter!

    I had to Google what HAM meant ... God I'm getting old ...

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