Google Earth In VR Looks Incredible

When we think 'virtual reality' we tend to associate it with 'video games', but I've always believed that the true potential of VR lies elsewhere — virtual tourism, talking to family members on the other side of the world.

How about travelling all over the globe like a flying disembodied human head? How does that sound?

I think it sounds incredible.

And that's basically what Google Earth VR essentially allows you to do. I mean look at this goddamn trailer. It looks unreal.

Google Earth VR is currently exclusive to the Vive — which sucks, but makes sense considering Google also released the mindbending Tiltbrush exclusively on that platform.

The other awesome thing: Google Earth VR is free and it's available right now. If you're one of the lucky few in possession of a HTC Vive, I'd be giving this a go ASAP.


    If you have a Non Vive headset Google Earth VR still works, you just need to remove the stupid headset check.

      hey king, any chance you can elaborate? is the headset check a setting within earth vr or 3rd party wrapper?

    Wonder if this will work on my $30 Headset from Hong Kong ;)

    Had a quick dip in during my lunch break and visited my house, my old hometown and a few places I've been on holiday. While my Internet took forever to load it all up, once it was running it was fantastic. can't wait to dive in and check out all the places I've been itching to visit

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