GTA Online, Now With Tron-Style Lightcycle Battles

GTA Online, Now With Tron-Style Lightcycle Battles

Today’s Deadline update for Grant Theft Auto’s ever-expanding multiplayer component transforms GTA Online into GTA Tronline, with futuristic light-trailing motorcycles and a new adversary mode in which to crash them.

The GTA Tronline joke was all Jason Schreier’s doing, FYI.

At the centre of the Deadline update is the Nagasaki Shotaro, a decidedly Tron-looking machine that comes in a variety of glowing neon colours. The Shotaro is the star of the Deadline adversary mode, in which four players attempt to box each other in with the deadly light trails left in the Shotaro’s wake. Boost, Zoned and Hop power-ups randomly appear to help players speed up, slow down and hop enemy trails in a single bound.

Playing the Deadline mode unlocks the Shotaru for purchase at Legendary Motorsport, with the matching outfit available wherever fine virtual clothing is sold.

Check out the Rockstar Newswire for more details on the bonuses and benefits included in the Deadline update. End of line.


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