Gun Gun Pixies Is A Shooter With Giant Anime Girls

"Giant" only because you are a teeny tiny anime girl.

[Image: Dengeki Online]

In Gun Gun Pixies, two alien girls arrive on Earth after their home planet is thrown into crisis, and they end up running around girls' rooms, armed with guns and ready to fire. 

Apparently the game was inspired by collectible figures and, according to Dengeki Online, the desire to run around girls' rooms from a low angle.

Oh, and it looks like outfits end up either off or in tatters. Of course it does.

Gun Gun Pixies is slated for the PS Vita. No word yet on its Japanese release date or whether it will be coming to the West. 


    Something tells me I probably shouldn't click this at work

      You are right to have that suspicion.

      Well at least they gamified the opportunities to get some pervs in, unlike just sitting in the same room as the girls waiting for the perfect opportunity to use VR glasses to turn your head upside down.

    "the desire to run around girls' rooms from a low angle."

    I've been pitching this idea for a game for years but all I get is the cops called on me.

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