Hatsune Miku’s Biggest Rhythm Game Comes West In January

Hatsune Miku’s Biggest Rhythm Game Comes West In January

Translation: “Something electronic-tinged in Japanese”

With more than 200 songs and over 300 costumes to collect, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone is so big Sega had to split it into two rhythm games, and both are coming to North America and European PS4 on January 10.

It’s the largest collection of music from Japan’s virtual Diva to grace consoles, comprised of two downloadable packages that can be played alone or merged together into one massive thing. The “Future Sound” package contains songs from the Project Diva games, while the “Colourful Tone” pack centres around songs from the DS-centric Project Mirai games and Miku’s Japanese arcade titles. The gameplay is similar to the Japanese arcade games, with difficulty levels extending far beyond anything we’ve seen in the West yet.

So many costumes. A ridiculous number, really.

So many costumes. A ridiculous number, really.

Here’s a vid of me playing the Japanese import earlier this year. Imagine this, only with less Japanese text.

Both “Future Sound” and “Colourful Tone” will be available on January 10 in North America for $US29.99 ($40) apiece or $US53.99 ($72) bundled together. European pricing depends on how the dollar is doing around that time. All things considered, we’re all really sorry about this, Europe. Here’s a happy trailer to cheer you up.


    • I picked up the JP release literally less than 24h before the German ratings board leaked that this was being localized. 🙁

      It’s great but I don’t think I’ll double-dip.

    • I stayed strong (and put in many many hours of Project Diva X) waiting for a possible localisation. Glad to see it paid off. I’ll grab this on release 🙂

  • I was going to make a JP account just for this. Thrilled I won’t have to and it’ll be in english on top of that. Awesome news!

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