Hearthstone's Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan Out Thursday

In a live stream today, Blizzard revealed the release date for Hearthstone's fourth expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. The new expansion will arrive on Thursday, December 1.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan will add 132 new cards to the game as players explore the seedy port city of Gadgetzan. Excited fans and collectors can pre-purchase the expansion through Blizzard's official site. You'll also be able to craft it in game with Arcane Dust.

Each crime gang running Gadgetzan has a gimmick, with different cards reflecting their specific focus. The Grimy Goons have cards that will buff minions in your hand, the Kabal uses potions that that can clear the board or affect enemy creatures and the Jade Lotus have stealth cards that should work really well for rogues or druids.

Each Hearthstone expansion adds cards, a new board and additional challenges. The last was One Night in Karazhan, which I thought was pretty cool. We'll see how this new expansion is later on this week.


    Woohoo, can't wait! My 2000 Gold is burning a hole in my pocket!

      I have the same amount and my pity timer is winding down nicely.

        Isn't the pity timer per card set? So it would start from scratch as this is a new expansion?

    I'm excited that something new is happening but I don't really see many new cards that I want to go and build a deck around this time.

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