Here’s The Best Offerings From Steam’s Spring Sale So Far

Here’s The Best Offerings From Steam’s Spring Sale So Far
Image: Valve / Steam

It’ll say it’s the Autumn sale if you log into the client, which makes sense for a US-based company. But what’s really important is what games you can get and how much you can save on them. Let’s take a look.

Cities Skylines: $10.14

Like building things? Cities in particular? Then you should probably own this game already.

Luke already loved it the first time around, but he returned to Skylines earlier this year and found that the expansions improved upon its reputation as one of the great sandboxes in modern video games. Anyone disappointed with the SimCity franchise should consider this an immediate buy, especially when you have a peek at what’s lurking in the Steam Workshop.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: $10.14

Got a laptop powerful enough to run a potato? Then it’s good enough for one of the best family and party games around, the communication nightmare that is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Print out the manuals if you can – office managers are sometimes overcome with goodwill towards the end of the year – and make sure you have the game installed for Christmas. You don’t need VR to get the most out of it, just a laptop and a few manuals on hand. Genuinely one of the best indies in the last two years, and too good not to pick up for a tenner.

Transistor: $6.75

Image: Steam

Still one of the best sounding, best looking isometric action RPGs around. Must-buy for anyone who loved Bastion, and a great game for a weekend or the holidays if you don’t want something that’s going to take 40-50 hours to finish. Stunning game.

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion: $13.52

Image; Stardock / Sins of a Solar Empire

I like to try and hit all genres with these sorts of round-ups. So if you’re looking to whet your RTS appetite (until, say, Dawn of War 3 comes out) then Sins of a Solar Empire might fit the bill.

It’s got a rough learning curve and it’s certainly on the slower side as far as strategy games go. But if you like the idea of games like Homeworld and would like something with a bit more scale particularly with the tech tree, factions and size of battles, it’s worth a look.

Crypt of the NecroDancer: $5.06

Image: Steam

Need a new roguelike? Then try the game where you move in time to the beat of the music. Genuinely worth playing if only to see how neatly the mechanics work, although the game does have a 97% user rating for a reason.

Invisible, Inc: $8.11

Image: Steam

One of the best strategy games last year, but now for the price of a burger from your local greasy spoon. I’d recommend maybe tweaking the difficulty to suit, but otherwise all you’ll need is a love of isometric games, XCOM, and you’re good to go. Klei know their stuff.

Battlerite: $20.29

Image: Supplied

It’s not fully finished yet, but Battlerite is already very, very playable. The elevator pitch is pretty good too: take all of the monotonous crap out of MOBAs and compress it into a best-of-three 2v2 or 3v3 team fights.

There’s local servers, it’s easy to get games and the mechanics work very well. Really worth a look, especially if you only have around ten minutes to devote to your gaming sessions.

Dishonored: $4.45

Image: Steam

If you haven’t played it already and are considering buying Dishonored 2, do yourself a favour and get Dishonored 1 very cheaply first. Hard to fault at that price, especially if you use AMD’s or NVIDIA’s tools to downsample the game from 4K.

Honourable Mentions

Image: Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn: $20.30

It’s a good discount on Grim Dawn, but you can currently get it for cheaper through the Humble Bundle that’s on offer. Great pick if you want a new Diablo-esque game to work through over the holidays.

DmC Devil May Cry: $10.14

Fantastic reboot of the series. Runs great in 4K on older machines/GPUs as well.

Elite Dangerous: $27.20

Be warned that the pool of Elite is a million miles wide and an inch deep, but if you want a space game with a more robust flight model and Star Citizen’s bits and pieces don’t do it for you yet then this is the game.

Outlast: $6.75

A must if you like shitting yourself.

Civilization 4 Complete Edition: $10.14

If you know that person who hasn’t given the Civ series a go and is interested, but doesn’t want to jump into Civ 6, point them at the complete Civ 4 pack instead. (And then make them go play Alpha Centauri.)

Those are my picks from the Steam sale so far. There’s thousands of discounts on offer though, so if you spot something great let us know in the comments. Will you be picking up anything?


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