Here’s The Best Zelda Tribute You’ll See In A While

Here’s The Best Zelda Tribute You’ll See In A While

Just stop what you’re doing and watch this right now.

As far as fan tributes go, this might be one of the best. It’s a homage to Majora’s Mask and a look into the dark origin story of the Skull Kid, as well as an indication of what Nintendo could do with The Legend of Zelda if they ever decided to give it the Hollywood treatment.

I mean … fuck. After watching this, I just want EmberLab to be given enough money so they can keep making a web series.

It’s astonishingly well made. Just watch.

Fan tribute of the year?



  • That was amazing.
    I especially like the implication that the Skull Kid & Co. just happen to stumble upon the Happy Mask Salesman, as opposed to in the actual game it basically being implied that the Skull Kid knocked him out.

    • Yeah, I liked that too. Also that the salesman was so tempted by the mask. The whole scene was creepy and dreadful (in the best way possible).

  • Now that was absolutely awkward seeing the Happy Mask Salesman get haunted by the Majora’s Mask only to find out that the Skull Kid stole the mask Nintendo I think you should make The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask a Hollywood first as a movie.

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