Here's The Cheapest Copies Of Final Fantasy 15 In Australia

Image: Square Enix

Today's Final Fantasy 15 day! And while fans would probably be quite happy to pay $100 or more for the latest gorgeous title in the franchise, you can pick up Square's open-world adventure for a whole lot less.

JB Hi-Fi: $69

Pretty reasonable price that, especially if you get as much out of the storyline and side quests as Jason did. Note that the price will jump up to $79 after day one, so get in quick.

Big W: $78

Not fantastic, but not the worst alternative either if everywhere else is (somehow) out of stock.

Target: $79

Nothing overly special here. Thanks to Press Start for reporting this one.

Amazon: $80.06

There's no saving between the physical or digital copy of Final Fantasy 15 from Amazon, so you might as well just get the digital code.

OzGameShop: $60.99 (XBO), $62.99 (PS4)

Express shipping is only $2 until just after midnight tomorrow (or 11:59 PM for those in Perth), so you might as well factor that in given that OzGameShop are based in the UK. Not a bad option if you're going to be waiting until Christmas anyway and can't get to JB today.

Play-Asia: $83.07

You can get it under $78 if you buy the version with Chinese subtitles, but even then you can probably find better deals elsewhere. The Australian version of FF15 from Play-Asia, incidentally, is $96.92.

You're doing alright if you make EB look good pre-price matching.

EB Games: $99.95 (King's Tale Edition)

Exclusive to EB, this special edition gets you an in-game travel pack, two in-game weapons, and a whole separate game: A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV.

You don't need A King's Tale to enjoy or understand FF15, but you will get a few hours of 2D beat-em-up fun.

Worth the extra $30 over buying from JB? Probably not.

The Gamesmen: $84

Nothing special here. You get the Masamune sword as an in-game item, but that comes with the Day One Edition of the game which you can get elsewhere for cheaper.

PlayStation Store: $99.95

How does nope sound?

Xbox Live: $99.95

Not helping, Microsoft.

Mighty Ape: $72

Surprisingly reasonable offer from Mighty Ape here, an Aussie and New Zealand online retailer. After JB's price goes up, this might be the next best port of call.

Dungeon Crawl: $87.43 (eBay store), $92.40 (website)

Nothing worthwhile.

So that's our round-up of where you can get Final Fantasy 15 today, and for how much. Spotted any other deals? Let us know!


    Why anyone would buy digital on consoles is beyond me.

      why? isnt it similar to how steam operates? its tied to your account, less clutter physically. you could have you system stolen and still get all your games back.

      what are the downsides in your opinion?

        The price. Paying an extra $30-$40 for a new release game seems excessive when you're not getting anything for it. Plus prices go down quicker on physical copies.

          Obviously it's not worth it if it costs more, I think the point is that digital on console is fine if the price is better (or the same) though.

          For example I've been looking around for both Bloodborne and the Heavy Rain/Beyond collection on PS4 for a while now (just keep putting them off waiting for a decent price). Over the weeken with all the Black Friday sales on, PSN was actually way cheaper for both than any retail store - I think the David Cage pack was $21 vs EB having it for around $50 still.

          yeah, i can understand it from that point of view. i dont really know personally as i dont have a current gen console, so i can only go by what i see here or there.

          i have noticed though that a lot of cd key sites i use for PC games have started stocking PS4 and XBONE games too. might be a cheaper option for you.

          The big one for us is family sharing, I buy a copy and we can play it on two consoles at home. Works out at $50 per copy instead of 2 x $60\70.

          Makes a lot less sense for single player games though... Ie FF15 will probably be a disk purchase but nearly everything else we get from the MS store (we've only got one PS4 so mostly stick to disk based for that)

        The difference with steam though is its almost always alot cheaper to by the digital copy off them rather than a physical. Console digital games seem to be if anything more expensive.

          Steam has been anything but cheap lately. AAA games are excessively overpriced, even on "sale". When EB has it cheaper than Steam (which it often does now) then you know somethings wrong

        Price (sometimes even more expensive than physical) and the issue of actually downloading it. Not everyone has great internet, and it's a massive pain trying to download a 50GB current gen game. The NBN won't help that much either if you try to do anything within peak times (lol congestion and shit copper, thanks LNP).

        A friend of mine has ADSL2+ that peaks at 400kbps (far from the exchange). If we've organised an online session and the game we want to play even has a 2GB update, it's off. God forbid he tried to buy his games digitally.

      Buying digiitally also means you get two copies (one for your account, one for the console). When it's a big release, and I know wifey will want to play at the same time, I buy digital.

      I have dozens of PS4 games, all digital, the disc drive has never been used. It's just so much easier. It sucks that it's often more expensive these days though.

      I use a US account on my PS4, and when I first set it up the Aussie dollar was doing really great against the US dollar, every game I bought was much cheaper than even physical copies. Nowadays not so much. But the convenience still wins me over.

      Quick addition, If you were jamming on xbox one they have a family friendly feature that can be exploited much like steam. It allows anyone on you "home console" to jam any game you have purchased digitally and also allows you to play online given that the main account has live. Now if you and a buddy were to switch accounts and make opposite consoles your "home console" by going into setting on each others accounts and then recovering your own account back this would make the console believe that this is your friends home console and allows you to play any game he has purchased and also use his live. This sharing method also works both ways so if you buy anything he would be able to play it as well. so essentially you get games at a 2 for 1 deal and one of you get live for free..... you also get the added bonus of having a huge game library where you don't have to switch discs and launching any game is as simple as a voice command :D

      Do hand-held consoles count?

      It's handy to switch games on the fly than having to carry around SD-sized loseables.

      Simple, if I really want a game at release I'll buy it physical, unless it launches at a reasonable price. I'll return/trade the game if it's crap or once I'm done with it, and get in store credit for the trade and put it on a gift card. If I really liked the game, or want to play it again I'll wait for the store to have a sale, and use my gift card to buy psn/Xbox credit and buy the game digitally.

      I currently only have 3 physical games for next gen systems, but I have a huge digital library for PS3/4 and xbone/360 thanks to this method.

    Just got King's Tale edition from EB for $69 - JB price match.

      You can't return it if you don't like it.

        You can't return games with redeemable codes anyway

          I think that depends on the store and the employees. I've never had an issue before at the EB Games in Rundle Mall, Adelaide.

          Even the Duscae demo that came with Type 0 - I bought that, took the game home, used the demo code and returned Type 0 the next day. The dude even asked me if I'd used the code and gave me a full refund after I said yes.


          Last edited 29/11/16 3:04 pm

            That's my local store too. Never actually tried to return a game with a code, but that's how the 7 day guarantee was explained to me when I first heard of it. I've used it quite a few times now to blitz average single player games and return them.

      they wouldn't price match for me, because of the kings crap added on

    Might wait until the new year and think about it. Truth be told, after trying twice to play FF13 and just not having fun I've basically written off new instalments as movies dressed as games.

    You can buy from Big W at JB HiFi price. Just show them the JB pic & price. They will match

    The PS4 store is an absolute joke. Some games are $137-150 dollars new 'special edition'. Either a large number of people are just plain stupid or Sony don't understand the market.

    What's final fantasy? Do we even care? Sounds shit.

      You must be one of those Halo fans.

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