He’s Driving A Bus And Playing Pokemon GO

He’s Driving A Bus And Playing Pokemon GO

Footage has surfaced of a bus driver in Japan appearing to play Pokemon GO while he is driving. The clip is rather unsettling.

[Image: YouTube | Niantic]

Sanyo News reports that this is a tour bus driver from the Ryobi Group in Osaka. The company has banned drivers from having mobile phones while they’re behind the wheel and apologised for the incident.

This comes after deadly accidents have been blamed on Pokemon GO drivers in Japan and abroad. Just last week, a 36 year-old trucker was arrested in Aichi Prefecture, Japan for allegedly hitting and killing a nine-year-old boy. The suspect is quoted as saying he was playing Pokemon GO, wasn’t looking at the road and “didn’t see what was in front of him”.


  • A bus would be useful for hatching eggs with all the frequent stopping, it may not get over the distance limit. But actively playing it is stupid. There have been rumours of a couple of rear enders on the bridge near where I live when a snorlax supposedly spawned in the middle of it. It’s a 70km/h zone.

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