How Is This Amazing Gatchaman/Batgirl Mashup Not A TV Show Yet

A few years ago, Cliff Chiang did designs for a Gatchaman-style (better known in the West as the 1970s cartoon Battle of the Planets) take on DC's finest heroes that had us longing for a classic anime take on the Justice League. But artist Jordan Gibson has added to those hopes with a whole series of Gatchaman-inspired Batgirl art that we adore.

Image Credit: Jordan Gibson. All art used with permission of the artist.

Seriously, in some glorious alternate universe Ninja Science Hero Batgirl was a mid-'80s anime collaboration from DC that gave us arse-kicking anime action for 22 minutes a week, complete with an accompanying manga, and beloved by all.

Gibson's just used his artwork to open up a tiny portal to that wonderful universe to take a peek, right? This is all real and not just my fever-dreamed imagining of the Batgirl anime that will never be?

Whatever it is, his artwork is simply delightful. Check out the rest of his amazing Gatcha-Batgirl designs below, and then head on over to the link to see more of his artwork.

[Gibson Comics]


    Ah, the motorcycle slide. The guy know his tropes.

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