If Marvel Needs A Show Explaining Its Comics, Maybe Its Problem Is The Comics

Tomorrow, Marvel will premiere a web series called TL;DR, ruining that particular internet neologism for the rest of us. In it, the company will turn its event comics and most famous stories into "fun, hilarious short episodes".

Image: Marvel

I have some questions. First of all, who's the audience for these? Is it comic book readers, who will find jokes about stories they already know funny? That would be a good audience, but limited. If the audience is "people who find comics intimidating and want an easy and fun way to learn about them", I don't think a humorous short sells the product. It actively makes the product look absurd.

If this is designed to get more movie fans into the comics, I don't really think it will work. The big comic plots are a bit much to condense into a few minutes of animation.

Also, looking at the video, this show's aiming to explain some really complicated comic arcs in a very short period of time. Again, for people who actually already know the comics, that could be very fun. But more... confusing than anything for most people.


    I think it's a quick and easy way movie fans can learn more about the characters and their stories without sifting through years of comic books.

    I dont understand your negativity? it sounds like a lot of fun. Given the week we have had the video made me smile and laugh. why must everything have some greater purpose? Cant some things just be fun?

    I personally dont have the money or time to read comics these days, Yet day I have a few minutes to watch a silly short on youtube between work things all the time.

    I fail to see how the click bait title relates to the rest of it. People need to learn to laugh at themselves and their hobbies. For the same reason I can watch Superman and Batman and Marvel in the 'how it should have ended' can exist in the some world where I like serious films themselves. The two extremes of appreciation can exist.I can laugh at the serious things I love and still find them serious.

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      Agreed, super negative for something that is already super common on youtube (recaps of comic arcs in like 10 minute read throughs).

      Honestly comics start getting to be pretty expensive if you really want to read eeeevvvvverrryyything so it's an easy way to understand references in future work without having to have read absolutely everything.

    In it, the company will turn its event comics and most famous stories into "fun, hilarious short episodes".

    So... Teen Titans Go?

    I think it's a brilliant idea, there's a webseries I like called LORE in a minute that covers the background lore of popular gaming series in a similar humourous tone. I welcome the application of the style to the convoluted comic plots

    As above, it's a great idea. OP is just trying to be edgy and fails horribly.

    Actually, I'll love this. I don't have the time (or money) to read the whole output of Marvel, even though I love most of their characters and stories. This will allow me to catch up with stuff I couldn't read.

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