If You're Buying A PlayStation 4 Pro, You Might Want To Check Out JB Hi-Fi...

The PlayStation 4 Pro comes out today, which is nice. Because it's a pretty cool piece of kit. One minor issue — not that many games currently support the additional grunt of Sony's new console.

But some do. And good news: JB Hi-Fi is doing a nice little deal on those games, should you decide to pick up a PS4 Pro.

Here's the deal: if you pick up a PS4 Pro at JB Hi-Fi, you'll be able to pick up Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dishonored 2, Skyrim: Special Edition and Watch Dogs 2 (when it comes out next week) for $39 each.

Pretty timely. Smart deal on JB's behalf, trying to drive more folks to buy the console at their store.

I'm hoping more of my favourite PlayStation 4 games will get the PS4 Pro treatment in the near future.

(Bloodborne, Bloodborne, Bloodborne...)


    EBGames, same deal. Only $50.

      So not the same deal :P

        JB don't do console trade-ins, so no not the same deal. Same game line up.

          Still $39 doesn't equal $50
          and not everyone has a PS4 to trade in.

          but are those consolde trade-ins at EB Games worth it?

          Last edited 10/11/16 1:55 pm

            I prefer same it on eBay than that RIP off trade in

      Note that in the article's linked ozbargain post, the OP says:
      I have my pre-order with EB Games and have since phoned them, they will further discount their copies of these titles to $39.
      So people reading this who have a pre-order at EB should take advantage of this!

        Of course! One should always price match when shopping at EB Games!!!

        Can confirm. Just picked up my PS4 Pro over lunch from EB Games and I was able to price match Skyrim and Dishonored 2 to JB HiFi.

        Although the deal at my EB Games was 50% off those 4 games with purchase of PS4 Pro, not $50 each. That was good for Dishonored 2 (full price $99.95) but less of a saving on Skyrim (full price $79.95).

    $39 each*

    Eb are the only ones with a trade in deal that I'm aware of, so that's my only choice, I really don't need a PS4 and a Pro. Good deal though if you're going for Pro as your first PS4.

      There's no way I'm selling my first gen, three year old, failing 500 GB HD PS4 for $200 which is what the trade in works out as. Easy decision for me to get the Pro now before the trade in expires at the end of November.

      You can generally sell your well-looked-after consoles and games privately for more than you can get trade in value at EB.

    Traded my PS4 in this morning for a Pro at EB Doncaster. Optional deals included 1/2 price Skyrim, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dishonored 2 and (I think) Watchdogs 2 (though this is probably a pre-order).

    Skyrim in true 4K (according to Digital Fountry at least) is worth $39 imo

    Bloodborne was the sole reason I had for buying my ps4. To see that its not supported straight away makes me sad. Fucking up that damn Orphan of Kos in glorious 4K splendor is something I want to experience

    anyone know what the trade in value at jb/eb is for the ps4?

      Ps4 500 plus any ps4 game = 210 trade in value. Orig Pro price is 560, new price after trade in becomes 350.

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