If You’re Buying A PlayStation 4 Pro, You Might Want To Check Out JB Hi-Fi…

If You’re Buying A PlayStation 4 Pro, You Might Want To Check Out JB Hi-Fi…

The PlayStation 4 Pro comes out today, which is nice. Because it’s a pretty cool piece of kit. One minor issue — not that many games currently support the additional grunt of Sony’s new console.

But some do. And good news: JB Hi-Fi is doing a nice little deal on those games, should you decide to pick up a PS4 Pro.

Here's the deal: if you pick up a PS4 Pro at JB Hi-Fi, you'll be able to pick up Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dishonored 2, Skyrim: Special Edition and Watch Dogs 2 (when it comes out next week) for $39 each.

Pretty timely. Smart deal on JB's behalf, trying to drive more folks to buy the console at their store.

I'm hoping more of my favourite PlayStation 4 games will get the PS4 Pro treatment in the near future.

(Bloodborne, Bloodborne, Bloodborne...)


    • Note that in the article’s linked ozbargain post, the OP says:
      I have my pre-order with EB Games and have since phoned them, they will further discount their copies of these titles to $39.
      So people reading this who have a pre-order at EB should take advantage of this!

      • Can confirm. Just picked up my PS4 Pro over lunch from EB Games and I was able to price match Skyrim and Dishonored 2 to JB HiFi.

        Although the deal at my EB Games was 50% off those 4 games with purchase of PS4 Pro, not $50 each. That was good for Dishonored 2 (full price $99.95) but less of a saving on Skyrim (full price $79.95).

  • Eb are the only ones with a trade in deal that I’m aware of, so that’s my only choice, I really don’t need a PS4 and a Pro. Good deal though if you’re going for Pro as your first PS4.

    • There’s no way I’m selling my first gen, three year old, failing 500 GB HD PS4 for $200 which is what the trade in works out as. Easy decision for me to get the Pro now before the trade in expires at the end of November.

    • You can generally sell your well-looked-after consoles and games privately for more than you can get trade in value at EB.

  • Traded my PS4 in this morning for a Pro at EB Doncaster. Optional deals included 1/2 price Skyrim, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dishonored 2 and (I think) Watchdogs 2 (though this is probably a pre-order).

    Skyrim in true 4K (according to Digital Fountry at least) is worth $39 imo

  • Bloodborne was the sole reason I had for buying my ps4. To see that its not supported straight away makes me sad. Fucking up that damn Orphan of Kos in glorious 4K splendor is something I want to experience

    • Ps4 500 plus any ps4 game = 210 trade in value. Orig Pro price is 560, new price after trade in becomes 350.

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