It's 2016 And There's A New Daytona Coming To Arcades

Welcome to 2016. We have Elon Musk, a brand new console cycle, the most terrifying US election in history...

And a brand new Daytona game... coming to arcades.

What a time to be alive.

The arcade scene in Australia — actually everywhere that isn't Japan — isn't in the healthiest of states. It's a different beast now. Redemption machines, legacy units — it might seem like a strange time to launch a brand new Daytona game.

But maybe this isn't quite as crazy as it first appears.

Daytona — it's still one of the few enduring classics of the arcade scene. There are far less arcades nowadays, but the ones that still remain — they pretty much all have about a million Daytona machines.

And that's because they still take in money.

So why not make an update? Why not make it a bit more modern? I know it'll be one of the machines I head to first when I go to an arcade. I'm down for this.


    This is good news for two reasons. SEGA still has the Daytona license, which means there's nothing holding them back from re-releasing Daytona HD on the new consoles and Steam.

    And secondly, IT'S A NEW DAYTONA! I'm super-stoked for this - here's hoping they task SUMO Digital with bringing it to every home platform they can.

    Also, I would not say no to another cheesy Takenobu Mitsuyoshi soundtrack, at all. It's not Daytona with out Takenobu Mitsuyoshi!

    Can we talk about less vs fewer? I don't want to accept that it's ok to use less in place of fewer, even though I know that the battle has long been over.

    You have fewer of a number of items, but less of an quantity of one item. "I now own fewer cars, but I also have less money."

    I've conceded some words, but when it comes to defending "fewer" I'm putting my grammar nazi foot down.

    Fewer arcades. Fewer.

      Forsooth! Methinks though dost protest in vain.
      Language usage changes, the world moves on.

      Anyway, the number of Arcades is in constant flux, so I'm good with less in this case, and the language used here is not ambiguous at all, it communicates the required message clearly, which is the main aim of communication.

      Last edited 02/11/16 10:18 am

        The less the number of comments, the fewer the debate gets fed.

        Hmm... maybe he has a point. It IS a bit grammar cop-ish though.

      using less and fewer interchangeably is *older* than the idea we shouldn't (A suggestion made by Robert Baker in 1770)

    Day-toh-oh-nahhhhhh! La-la-la-la.

    Who *didn't* hear that in their head the moment they read the headline?

    Last edited 02/11/16 10:21 am

      haha was gonna make the same comment....
      "Dayyyyy tooooonnaaaaaahhhhH!!!!"

    Given I've never seen a Daytona machine priced below $2 (despite it's age, and aging machines), can we expect to pay $4 or $6 per game of new Daytona?

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