It's High Noon On Westworld

It wouldn't be the Wild West - even a fake one full of robots - if there wasn't some fancy gun-slingin' to be had. While Kirk's most pressing thoughts from this week's episode revolved around tanks and computer sex, mine were with Delores and her alt outfit, which seems to have unlocked her "stone cold killer" abilities.

Seems I'm not the only one.

Will this ever get old? Probably. Will it be any time soon? I hope not.


    While there's a lot going on in the show, my main curiosity is about who the young boy will turn out to be. Given the character doesnt have a name (at least, not on IMDB), and is in repeated episodes, that typically points to something significant as they try to hide the relevance.

    With eleventy three theories, my one is that the kid is a representation of Arnold, or maybe even Arnold himself (itself?). Only time will tell.

      Personally I think it's more likely to be an android of young ford than Arnold. They both had parents who said the exact same analogies (based on the short conversation they had) and they also wear very similar clothes - a black vest over a white shirt, and black pants, which the younger ford in the photo *and* flashback also wore.

      The only image we've seen of Arnold (assuming its actually him) was the photo of young ford and presumably arnold, in which he appears to be Caucasian and wears all black clothing, which imo counts out the "bernard is android arnold" theory, though I do find the anagram interesting.

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        This is my theory too, (although you worded it better)

    One theory is that two stories are being told at two different time: one when the show started and one 30 years in the past. The Billy storyline is happening in the past and he is the young MiB.

      I like that theory and see a lot of sense in it. The one thing I havent pieced together is how each character has interacted with everyone else. Are there any 6 degrees moments that break the theory?

      Basically, if Billy is able to be linked to Ford it kills the theory - Ford would have aged visably in the 30 years between - but I cant find anyone thats charted who appears with who. Even if they did it might not be valid.

      Problem is, you cant be sure who is and isnt a host - the staff might be as well and not know it. Ford knows a LOT about the people working around him, which he would do if he made and inserted their storylines. There might even be a third timeline in play we havent picked up on yet.

      Thats what I'm liking about the show. The intrigue behind the scenes is a slow burn, and we're going to be learning stuff season after season as more is revealed. Babylon 5 is a good comparison, there were things in the first episode relevant all the way to the last, and details scattered as small moments that nobody picked up on until they were important later.

      This has that same vibe.

    I'd like to think Arnold is still alive hiding in the park somewhere and has set in motion subtle programming routines for certain hosts to provide hints (with Delores being the key) for them to escape the park. We haven't seen Arnold's grave site or anything else to convince the viewer he's truly dead.

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