It’s Official: SNK Playmore Is Ditching The Playmore 

It’s Official: SNK Playmore Is Ditching The Playmore 

As of December 1, SNK Playmore’s official name will be SNK Corporation, returning the company back to its roots. [Image: Famitsu]

Earlier this autumn, SNK dropped “Playmore” from its logo. Now we know the corporate name will soon, too.

According to Famitsu, the company’s web URL will also change from to as well. Company emails, likewise, will be As previously announced, SNK has a new slogan to boot: “The Future Is Now.”

But this really should take SNK fans back to the past. From its founding in 1978 to 2001, SNK was known as “SNK Corporation”. However, financial troubles in 2000 and 2001 drove SNK Corp. to bankruptcy, with founder Eikuchi Kawasaki leaving SNK and founding Playmore to buy back the company’s intellectual properties. The result was SNK Playmore.

The period that followed has been rough for SNK (and SNK fans!), with the company sometimes seeming lost in the wilderness (uh, and…uh), but hopefully this rebranding signals a return to former SNK glory.



  • There glory days as SNK weren’t the best either they had only a handful of game engines so most games were exactly the same but with different sprites.

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