Japan Now Has Sushi Burgers

You know, like, hamburgers with sushi in them. Yummy?

As pointed out by Otakomu and Entabe, Japanese sushi restaurant Sushiro is offering what it's calling the "Saba Burger".

"Saba" is mackerel, and the burger is filled with said fish, sushi vinegar rice and shiso. So yeah, it's shime-saba nigirizushi, or cured mackerel hand-pressed sushi, slapped between two buns and slathered with mayo-wasabi sauce.

Some say it's good, while others say it's not. If you like sushi and carbs, you might like this!


    Sushi - yes. Burger - yes. This? Hmm.. not sold. I think it's the mackerel that isn't doing it for me...

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