JB Is Selling The PS4 Slim For $300 From Friday

JB Is Selling The PS4 Slim For $300 From Friday

Not to be outdone by Target and Big W’s offerings, JB is getting into the discounting game this week as well.

A poster on OzBargain claimed late last night JB would be offering the 500GB model of the PS4 Slim from this Friday for $299, albeit without any extra controllers or games. A JB staffer has confirmed the deal to me this morning, adding that the company had already apologised for a misprint on an advertisement where the 1TB Slim was being listed for $299.

When asked whether any games would be discounted, in line with the deals elsewhere, I was told that no additional games would go on sale but that a number of titles had already been discounted.

The staffer couldn’t confirm, however, whether that information had been made public. The current catalogue on JB’s website doesn’t have any particularly noteworthy deals, with most games still around the $69/$79 mark.

It seems evident, however, that JB have no intention of missing out on a sales bonanza this Friday. So for now, all we’ve got is the PS4 Slim offering. But keep your eyes out for some games – with other stores pushing hard, and Cyber Monday just around the corner, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see JB follow suit.


  • Be nice to see a Pro bundle with a few games for around $400.

    But then I remember, no UHD drive so what’s the point?

  • Wonder if it’s got anything to do with jb wanting to ditch software sales. A good sale may inflate sales figures making it harder to drop software in the future.

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