Just Thinking About Nintendo Rides Is Getting Me Hyped

Just Thinking About Nintendo Rides Is Getting Me Hyped
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It won’t come to fruition for a couple of years, but when Universal Studios finally unveils the door on whatever their Nintendo wonderland is you can bet I will find a way to be there.

Nintendo earlier this morning uploaded a video featuring Miyamoto and Universal Creative’s Mark Woodbury talking about the partnership between the two companies that, in a few years, will result in the literal creation of a Nintendo world in a theme park.

Plans to make (I’m just spitballing here) Mario rides and Waluigi statues trolling visitors were announced for Universal Studios Japan last year, but in the video it was also revealed that Nintendo-themed areas are coming to Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood too.

I went to Universal Studios Japan last year and while a few rides were sadly shut down on the day, I was able to check out just how amazing their recreation of Hogwarts was. Given how vibrant and colourful Nintendo’s history has been, I’d expect Nintendoland (or whatever it ends up being called) to be pretty ace.

Just think about it. 4D Mario rides. Mario Kart 8 bumper cars on a grand scale. Double Dash for the kids. An octopus-themed ride for the family using Yoshi’s Woolly World. A gigantic LED board game for people to play Mario Party. Nintendo burgers.

This needs to be in my life.


  • After what happened at Dreamworld recently I find it impossible to get excited about theme parks.

    I may never go on a ride again.

    • Not with the US.

      They take their theme parks very seriously and having been to the major ones in Orlando I would rather ride a roller coaster in Universal then take an overseas trip with Malaysia Airlines. (Too soon?)

    • This just seems strange to me. Like, do you avoid going anywhere near any kind of transportation? Bad things happen in normal vehicles too. Or even just walking around the place.

      • A ride is not transportation. It’s a ride. For fun. Transportation is a necessity.

        Those people went to the fun park trusting that it was a safe environment and they got minced alive in front of a crowd. I have been on THAT ride with my kids when they were 3 and 4. We would’ve had no chance.

        I know the odds are slim of dying at a theme park, but it happens. It’s put me right off. We had just bought season tickets to Dreamworld the week before the accident. We got those tickets refunded. No way I’m lining up for more rides with my family after what happened to those people. They just went there for a good time. I think it totally sucks.

        VERY different from transportation.

        • Many people drive or ride for leisure, but that’s beside the point.

          How about playing sport? People have suffered all kinds of horrific injuries playing various sports. Some have even died on the sporting field. Does that mean you’ll never play a sport again?

          How about going to the beach? Are you never going to the beach again because some people have died from shark attacks, or been caught in rips and drowned, or been stung by box jellyfish, or developed melanoma?

          How about going to a rock concert? Are you never going to go to a concert ever again because a girl died in a mosh pit at Big Day Out one year?

          How about going to the movies? Are you never going to go to the movies again because there was a shooting massacre at a movie theatre in the US?

          What about video games? Are you never going to play a video game again because a few people have collapsed and died after marathon gaming sessions?

          • And any argument can be taken to the extreme and made to sound ridiculous. I told the facts. I’ve been on that ride with my kids. That could’ve been me. If it seems unreasonable that I’ve been put off rides because of the fact we all could’ve been killed, (which was clearly possible because people were killed), then that’s fine. I’m happy to be seen as unreasonable.

            I only get one life and I’ll spend it the way I chose to spend it. I don’t respond to groupthink pressure like what you’re trying to do.

            You live your life. Enjoy. I’m gonna live mine. That’s what freedom is all about.

          • My point is, this could be applied to almost anything.

            If you swam at a beach that a few weeks later someone died at, would you never go to any beach ever again, because that person could have been you?

            That’s the point I’m making. It’s totally your choice if you never go to a theme park again based on this incident. But my question is where do you draw the line?

          • If the beach was owned by a private corporation, whose job it was to provide a safe and fun beach for all to use, and a whole family got wiped out there (okay the 2 kids survived, the 4 adults were all killed) then yes, I wouldn’t be swimming at that beach either.

            That’s the line for me. theme parks are optional. You expect them to be safe. You have to get public transport. You go to the beach you accept the risk. But those people at dreamworld assumed they were completely safe. As any reasonable person would. That’s the line right there.

  • Well, if we’re canvassing ideas, here are some I think might work, within reason:

    The Federation Force IP could be utilised, you’re all tasked with helping Samus through an alien planet. We can’t all be Samus but yeah we can watch her do her thing. Win-win.

    Same with Star Fox, obviously it’ll be a ‘ride’ of some sort. 10-20 people at once shouting that stupid Barrel Roll line as you are actually doing one, imagine that.

    Last, but not least, I would dearly like a mine cart ride with Donkey Kong. Just once.

    • Donkey Kong Mine Cart ride would be the best, great idea.

      A Bowser’s Castle section would be great.
      A Luigi Haunted Mansion with Boo projections that disappear.
      Kakariko Village recreation!…or maybe just Hyrule Castle marketplace from OOT.
      Splatoon area.

      Goodness, so many great options.

  • Hey look there is a Superman64 ride, lets go!

    *walks into an empty room full of fog*

    …Nailed it. Would ride again.

  • After the Dreamworld Thunder River Rapids tragedy that claimed the lives of 4 people it would be nice if Universal Studios had a Nintendo theme park filled with Nintendo rides including the Mario Kart 8 bumper cars filled with go kart themed tracks an LED Mario Party board game it would also be good if they added the Hyrule Castle Town Marketplace a section of Bowser’s Castle Luigi’s haunted mansion and even Donkey Kong’s mine cart ride would be nice too in fact I would definitely fly Singapore Airlines to Los Angeles to visit Universal Studios. Anyway Nintendo I can’t wait till you open a Nintendo theme park soon.

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